Summary: How many times have I seen Christian at one another’s throat or after the minister because of something that displeased them?

Moses was God’s chosen prophet to lead Israel but Israel often argued with

Moses. They constantly found fault with Moses’ leadership skills. They

constantly argued with Moses and had sharp criticism for everything he did.

Moses was God’s chosen man for the hour but the Children of Israel were

constantly second guessing God and trying to figure out their own way.

To show just how little respect they had for Moses we have to remember that

Moses’ sister, Miriam had passed away only days before and I’m certain that

Moses was grieved in his spirit for his loss. Yet the people didn’t show him any

respect or real love. Instead they argued with Moses and only made maters worse.

How many times have I seen Christian at one another’s throat or after the

minister because of something that displeased them?

It doesn’t matter that the preacher has their best interest at heart and has forsaken his own family many times so that other families’ needs could be met.

They quickly forget the price that he has paid in service to them and all they can think about is right here, right now and my need.

One minute they are saying, “Hosanna!” and the next “Crucify him!”

“Go ahead and write the nasty note on the back of the bulletin, it’s good for you to get out of your system, but I’m not going to read it!”

Numbers 20:5, "And wherefore have ye made us to come up out of Egypt, to bring

us in unto this evil place? It is no place of seed, or of figs, or of vines, or

of pomegranates; neither is there any water to drink."

When we give up on God, who can we turn to then? Who else but Jesus has the

answer we need? Who else but Jesus has the words of eternal life? Who else but

Jesus has the power to forgive?

Lord help us for I know of too many people who will blame God for every bad

thing that happens to them.

They destroy their own marriage and then blame God when the spouse walks out the door.

They don’t teach their children the ways of the Lord and then when that child grows up and gets rebellious they want to blame God.

They spend way beyond their means to pay the bill and then when they are pushed to the brink of bankruptcy and beyond they want to get mad at God because He didn’t meet their needs.

Verse 6-Find that Secret Place, that Hiding Place from the wrath of people.

Don’t hang around to retaliate or answer back. Just Leave! For staying in their presence will only escalate into something sinful and hurtful.

Boy, I wished I would have said this!

That ability not to think fast on you feet is a blessing from God, because you can never take back those words.



Now if you would notice in Verse 10 that, as a response to the People’s Chiding,

Moses reacted in Anger, and Spoke Rashly with His Mouth.

In verse 8 the Lord had told Moses what to do.

But when he spoke in verse 10, it was not the Lord speaking, but the Anger of Moses.

For he said: “Hear now, ye rebels; must we (that is, Me and Aaron and not the Lord Alone) fetch you water out of this rock?”

Oh what a grave mistake! To put Ourselves in The Place Of God!!! To Attribute the Work of God To Ourselves! To ascribe To Ourselves the Glory and Honor and Praise that is due to God Alone! And yet, we do this Often and Carelessly!

Out of Anger, a parent tells his/her child I feed you. I put clothes on your

back. I put a roof over your head."

Out of Anger, a husband tells his wife “I provide for you. I protect you. I have

kept you safe and sound.”

Out of Anger, an employer tells his employee “I pay your salary. I’m the one

keeping you off the welfare roll. If it wasn’t for me, you would be outdoors.”

But in all of those instances, they are all wrong! It is the Lord thru the

parent who provides food, clothing and shelter for the child. It is the Lord

thru that husband who provides, protects and nurtures that wife. It is the Lord

thru that employer who pays the wages of that employee. Don’t Rob God Of His

Glory by Speaking Rashly With Your Mouth!!

The preacher and his land-You should have seen it when the Lord had it by His self.

They turned their back on the people and turned their faces toward God.

They didn’t leave till God showed up, they didn’t make a move till God showed up, they didn’t look for water till God showed up!

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