Summary: What can I do to make a differnce in the world? Only what God wants us to do.

Introduction: The world is in a mess. One shutters to think what the future holds in store. I really believe that things will get worse before they begin to get better. There are going to have to be great sacrifice made and great battles fought politically, judicially and on the battlefields of the world.

Yet things are not hopeless – there is a solution. It is possible to have peace on earth and goodwill toward all men. However this will not come from any manmade institution or organization. Regardless of how worldwide or what personality is behind it.

Jesus has the answer to the problems and needs of this world. It is all wrapped up in His church. Apart from Jesus and His church – there is no answer.

I have come to one definite conclusion: My best chance of contributing to the solution of the world’’ problems is to do my best to make of Our church one in which Jesus would have it to be and one in which He could use to bring about the solution for the mess in which we are in. I may never get the chance to go to China or North Korea and talk about reduction of nuclear weapons, I may never be able to got to Iraq and help with the formation of a democratic government, I may never get to go to Afghanistan and help the people there rebuild their lives as a Christian soldier or missionary. But I am where I am and I shall do my best to make an impression on the world through Evergreen Baptist Church and her programs of redemption, release and relief.

Therefore, in the words of Jesus, “I will build my church…”

Jesus spoke these words on the mount near Caeserea of Phillipi as He assured the world and the forces of evil that nothing will prevail over His church. Not even death itself.

This building of His church was to be a continuous process beginning with the very origin until the end of time. Everything that He did and continuous to do contributes to this building of His church.

Likewise our building will be a process. Everything that I shall do will be for the building of Our church and making it one in which Jesus would have it to be and one in which He could use to bring about a solution of the world situation.

There are certain core convictions embedded in my soul that has produced such a resolution concerning our church. I would like to share these with you today:

1. Our church is not just another religious society or club. Religious clubs are O.K. and have a place in society but our church is not just another religious organization. It is so much more than that.

2. Our church is not a man made institution. Man had nothing to do with its beginning. Our church is a divine institution. Jesus said, “Upon this rock I will build my church.” Jesus, God incarnate, began it and is building it today. Yes He is using men and women but they are only building as God calls and uses them.

3. Our church has a history with God in it. Because God is in the history of our church it has withstood the ravage of time and will withstand the ravage of persecution. You can not destroy our church. It will stand until God is ready to hand it over to its bridegroom. I am not going to become discouraged if our church is not as it ought to be or if its members are not as spiritual or progressive, as they ought to be. Our church will never perish from the earth until, in God’s own time, He wills it.

4. Our church has something to offer this world. Something that will rescue it from the mess it is in, something that will make for the solution of all of the world’s problems. What our church offers is salvation and peace. What we are talking about is emancipation from the slavery of sin. 1st to the individual and then through him to the whole world.

When men become at peace with God through Christ atoning sacrifice, then and only then will men be able to live in peace with one another. This is the only means of peace on Earth and good will towards men.

With these convictions and other that I could mention, I have resolved to do my part to make our church a church that Christ can use to bring about a solution to the mess this world is in. In order for this church to become one that Jesus could use, it is going to have to be:

I. A Church Found Faithful in Attendance.

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