Summary: The current situation challenges the Christian community, that we are facing many difficulties to meet one another. Because there is no regular church service. So in this context how can we relate with our co-fellow believers?

Identifying with Affected COVID 19 and Needy:

This evening I heard the news from one of my friends about the pandemic. Is it God's will? Why God allowed us. How can we understand this pandemic?

All are sad and fatigue from hearing the death news of a closed one of us. Every morning our days start with demised news. It is too horrible.

We are not ready to partake in others' sufferings. Most of the time we are speaking not act. I could include myself also in the line.

Particularly in our current situation, we are dropping our Christian service mind. Here and there some of the services going, but mostly we are not ready to go forward.

Always our Jesus Christ focused as a servant God, many of us telling that we are a servant of servant God. This is only in words not by deeds. Even we are not ready to inquire about the condition of our co-workers or our neighbors.

They don't need our currency and references. Just they want only a word of love and compassion.

What are the ways we can connect with people? How it will work out?

1. Prayer support is very important.

2. Make a call and ask about their situation.

3. If anyone affected in COVID 19, please encourage them and give hope through our words.

4. To console them with our compassionate words.

5. Try to meet them physically, if it is not possible at least contact them through virtual possibilities.

6. If possible we can share our money, food, shelter, and other needful belongings.

7. To follow up them the forthcoming position.

Let us all join to feel the grace of God and also we the instrument of servant God. So that, we can continue to think and do help to our society. May God glorify through our deeds.

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