Summary: This is the New Testament Version of If Rocks Could Talk if you liked part one you will love Part 2. Ends with the Stone being rolled away

If Rocks Could Talk

Part II New Testament

Luke 19:40

The central text for this two part message in Luke 19:40 where Jesus was making the triumphal entry into Jerusalem and the Pharisees were trying to get him to quit down the crowed. Jesus answered them saying, “I tell you the truth if these keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out.”

Last Sunday we looked that the old testament stones, the one at Bethel where Joseph wrestled with God. We found that God never leaves us even though each one of us make stupid mistakes. Bob Record the president of the North American Mission Board said that, each one of us are only 1 step away from stupid. Our God is a God that restores us and is a God of Second chances.

Next we learned about Moses life and the stones in his life from the stone of provision when God provided water from a rock… we learned that even though we get in a woe-is-me mode in our life God still provides our needs. We learned about the Stone in which the laws were written on. If only we would follow the law how much easier our life would be. We learned how God provided a place to rest for Moses when the battle raged on… How God will always provide a place of peace for us.

Then we moved to Josuah and learned the nothing is impossible with God. And as Lee pointed out to me after the service that it took faith to follow through with God’s plans. If they had not had the faith to step in the water… the water would have never parted. Sometimes we know what we are suppose to do but when the rubber hits the road we back off. Also it is a good idea to slow down every once in a while and build an alter and give thanks.

The we went to 1 Samual and learned how a shepherd boy defeated a giant, showing us the no Giant is to big for God. And then we ended in Nehemiah and learned that if we follow God’s plan for our lives that there will be people that make fun at us and call us names but if we stick to what God calls us to that he will provide, and the Job that seemed impossible at first… get accomplished with God in control.

Now today we are going to look and the New Testament, and to be more specific we are going to look at the Stones that Our Savior came across.

You see Palestine is filled with stones. Jesus had a lot of contact with rocks and stones during His ministry. He walked on them, sat on them, prayed on them, wept on them and bled on them. If those stones that Jesus came in contact with cold talk, what stories would they tell? Today I am going to take you to 7 places very briefly to listen to what the stone would say. If stones could talk these stones would have a great stories to tell.

I. Lets Begin in Mat. 4:3-4 Stones on the mount of temptation.

“Now when the tempter come to Him he said, “If You are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread.” But he answered and said, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God”

One things is for sure and that is that the devil knows how to tempt you. Your weakness may be nice things, or it may be lust, or it may be pride, or an unhealthy desire to be like by others. Where ever your weakness is one thing is for sure and that is that the Devil does know how to tempt you.

But Jesus gives us the example that each of us need to follow, we need to be man and women of the Word. So that when the Devil does tempt us we will be able to stand up under it and do and Jesus did and say, “It is Written”. Jesus was the ultimate example that we can stand up under temptation and not fall. But we must be men and women of the word so we know when he is tempting.

So, I ask you today are you men and women of the word. How is your quiet time? How is your daily bible reading? Are you giving God the first fruits or what is left over?

II. The next place I would like to stop at is John 2:6 – It speaks of God’s Provision.

“Now there were set there six water pots of Stone, according to the manner of purification of the Jews, containing twenty of thirty gallons apiece.”

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