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“In Search Of…” Matthew 2:1-11

Years ago there was an interesting T.V. show – called “In Search Of…” The whole premise of the show was to search out some mystery of the times. Everything a pharaoh’s pyramid to aliens to big foot. And yet as each episode progressed it seemed that they were doing nothing more than creating additional questions. By the time an episode would end they never really answered the “what” of what they were searching for. It always left you wondering…

Recently a T.V. show has done the same thing. A fictional show called “X-Files” - this shows favorite line is – “the truth is out there.” And yet if you watch the show it seems that no matter what they do in their search, in all their chasing after odd occurrences for the truth they NEVER find it.

Now – this may seem to be a strange way to start a Christmas message – BUT is it really?

In our text this morning searching is the very thing that these men were doing. While their journey would end in finding Jesus when He was a tad older… the search started long before His actual birth – and this is where we join them… Because seeking God, searching for Him is vital.

Listen closely this morning – you might hear a description of yourself, as we look a little deeper into what was really happening… (READ VERSES 1-2)

Notice that it was after He was born that they arrived, but the very important truth lies in verse two when they say, “we saw His star and have come…”

You see, these men, The Magi were SEEKERS (verses 1-2)

Magi spent they whole life scouring the heavens, books, history, science, nature and literature for life’s answers. We don’t know how they knew that this star was “THE” star but we can suppose that it was out of the ordinary, and because they were watched, they looked, for an answer. In fact they were cult like in their nature. They spent day in and day out looking – they were not sure from where it would come but they

These Magi were seekers because they were looking for God to come– they didn’t say who would become King- but who IS King, they were seekers because they had thought nothing of traveling thousands of miles, crossing a desert (and yes years) to find The Messiah. Most of us wouldn’t even cross the street.

Let’s continue in verses 3 and 7 – (READ) this guy was not a seeker – No - Herod was a HATER.

Why? Well, Herod was not the rightful king to the throne, he didn’t want the Jews to rally around a new religious leader. Herod had done some great things to try and win over the Israelites but as he had gotten older he was a ruthless, self-seeking man. If he thought someone was infringing on his turf he simply had them killed. It was common knowledge at the time that created a saying… “that it is better to be Herod’s pig than Herod’s son.”

There are still people like that. They are so worried about their position, they will not even bother seeking who Jesus is because they are so persuaded by their own agenda, their own prideful desire to “be in charge of my own life.”

In fact you will find that if you are seeking out God, they are going to get angry and upset because you just might expose the fact that their not the ones in charge, that they are the king.

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Rick Gillespie- Mobley

commented on Dec 12, 2006

Douglass this was an excellent message. It was very helpful to me in preparing for my bible study teaching this week. May the Lord Continue to bless your ministry. Rick Gillespie-Mobley

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