Summary: Message 10 in our journey with Israel recorded in Exodus. This message focuses on the ministry of intercession for others.

Chico Alliance Church

Pastor David Welch

"Intercession for Victory” Exodus 17:8-16


There is no instant spiritual maturity. There is no instant fix for a lifetime of wrong choices.

Regeneration occurs in moment. Our ultimate transformation will happen in the twinkling of an eye; but spiritual growth or maturity develops over a lifetime. We achieve physical health over a period of time with consistent diet and exercise. Spiritual health can only be achieved with consistent “diet” (word of God) and exercise (faith and obedience).

“Trust and obey for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.”

God prescribes the necessary elements related to spiritual life and vital relationship with Him.

Over the centuries these elements have not changed. They have been packaged differently over the years but ultimately the core activities related to spiritual growth have not changed. These elements or consistent activities are to spiritual health as diet and exercise are to physical health.

The major spiritual directives illustrated in the wilderness walk between deliverance and victorious occupation of the Promised Land parallel the lessons we need to learn in our walk between salvation and spiritual maturity.

I. God Provided Deliverance from Egypt 1-15

II. God prepared for the Development of trust 15-18

A. Bitter water made sweet by the “tree” (The Cross) 15:22-27

We must learn to apply the cross to life’s bitter “water”. Romans 8:12-17

Refuse to pursue our own life. Entrust our souls to a faithful Creator.

B. Hunger Satisfied by manna (The Word) 16

Deuteronomy 8:3 John 6:63

The manna that appeared fresh each morning represented our need for daily interaction with the words of God. James 1:19-25

Commit to regular interaction with the Word of God.

It is life.

It is growth.

It is the foundation of faith.

It keeps you from sin or sin will keep you from it.

It exposes and cleanses the heart.

It protects.

It defeats the enemy.

C. Thirst quenched by the water (The Spirit) 17:1-7

Just as water came out of a most unexpected place when struck by Moses, so God decrees that His living water would spring up in the human soul and become a river of refreshment to the soul and those around us. John 7:37-39

The Holy Spirit who took up where Jesus left off refreshes and energizes our life when we listen to God’s truth and believe it and act upon it. When we obey despite the absence of immediate results or promise of a better life here, the heart looks to Jesus as the author and perfector of our faith. When we put our trust in the presence and promise of God, the Holy Spirit encourages and empowers us. It is up to us to drink from His well or ours. It is our choice to allow the Spirit to control our life or do our own thing. Paul commanded the Ephesians not to allow alcohol to control one’s life but be enlightened, sobered, controlled by the Holy Spirit. Driven like the wind in a sail. Refreshed like a fresh mountain stream or artesian well. The power of running water is unstoppable. The need for water to live is unquestionable. Find your life in Him.

D. Victory over the enemy through intercession (prayer) 17:8-16

1. Satan does not want us to occupy his territory

The Amalekites were nomads who freely wandered all though the territory God promised to Israel. They probably figured an early strike would prevent Israeli occupation and their annihilation. Just as life dispenses bitter water, hunger, and thirst situations, life also involves periodic attacks by our enemy.

Be sober! Be on the alert! Your adversary the Devil is prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for anyone he can devour. 1 Peter 5:8

Satan is nomad who attacks at various levels of our life to prevent us from reclaiming the territory promise by God. If He can’t have your worship, he will do everything he can to hamper your walk.

He may attack directly through his army of fallen angels. Acts 5:3

He may attack indirectly through other people. Mark 8:33 Luke 22:3

He may attack us by manipulating the circumstances of life (prince of the power of the air).

1 Thessalonians 2:17-18

Ephesians clearly identifies the war. Eph 6:12

2. Persistent intercession enables decisive victory

a) Intercession is critical

Moses modeled a powerful principle pertaining to victory over the enemy. He demonstrated the power of intercession when under attack. This would not be the first time Moses would powerfully intercede for the people. Psalms 106:23

Daily embrace the cross of Christ.

Daily interact with the word of Christ. (Let the word of Christ richly indwell Col 3)

Daily drink from the refreshing water of the Spirit of Christ.

The early church grew because they devoted their lives (committed to adopt and practice these things as a life style) the apostles teaching, fellowship, worship and prayers of all kinds. Prayer reduced to its simplest form is conversation with God. Prayer is the conversation between a dependent child and his loving Father expressing his admiration and gratefulness and entreating help for himself and his world. You cannot live a life of faith and trust in God without conversation with God. Talking with God (prayer) and trusting God (faith) are two wings of an airplane. One cannot function without the other. Deeper relationship (connection) cannot be achieved without deeper relating (conversing). An overwhelming number of Bible passages reinforce this point. Every aspect of life inspires conversation with God; none more so than the attack of the enemy. God put a prayer book right in the middle of your Bible for a reason.

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