Summary: We celebrate Easter year in and year out, but is it the same feast of Passover fulfilled by our Lord Jesus Christ

Well, let see what the Bible says to us. Today multitudes, and nations in the Christian world are celebrating either the Easter or the Pascal feast depending on what denomination you belong. At the same time, the Bible makes it clear that Easter is after the Feast of the unleavened bread, Just as the Firstfruit is after the Pascal.

At the same time, we are just beginning to discover that centuries of the Western culture, pagan tradition, and interpretation of scriptures have often clouded our understanding of both the Old and the New Testament scriptures. Most of those imported traditions have mostly affected in a provocative way the liturgies, clergies and the outward stances of the established Churches, Whereby the Eastern Orthodox Churches maintained the name Pascal with many Pagan traditions. And the Western European Catholic churches use Easter as well as the satellite offshoots around the world.

The greater effects of this Roman-Hellenistic distortion can be clearly seen in the replacement of the feast of Lord with pagan names and sacrifices. Most of the traditions have nothing to do with the original Hebrew and the true Christian practices inherited from the Apostles and church fathers. Many of the rituals and traditions or customs are different. It all started after the Council of Nicea (325 CE). There it was decided that the feast of Easter as used by the Catholic and Pascal as used by the Orthodox Church should be celebrated according to a different calendar different from the 14th of Nissan that was originally decreed in the book of Exodus by the Lord.

Hence there is a growing number of Christians who hold the view that Easter is synonymous Pascal representing or symbolizing the death and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. But is that so? Which is another way of saying the Easter celebration is the fulfillment of the Pascal, Pesach or the Passover feast as instituted by our Lord?

But the name “Easter” is found mentioned just once in the book of Acts of Apostles. It is a Christian appropriation of “Ishtar”, a Babylonian fertility goddess in replacement for the Pascal feast. That is why you find the red colored eggs, the buns, and other pagan items being used during the feast.

Moreover, some biblical researchers believe that the word “Easter” comes from the Proto-Germanic vocabulary. That the word Easter is “Austron”, which means “Sunrise, Daylight or the Dawn”. But nowhere in the Bible can it be found where our Lord used the word Easter as a substitute or replacement for His feast.

However, during this feast, the believers celebrate the finished redemptive work of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is the feast signifying the full redemption of mankind through the death and burial. The Bible says unequivocally that Christ Jesus is our Pascal or Passover. He is the fulfillment of the Feast. He is the Lamb of God. The Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world. He was manifested for this purpose and put to death for our sin and raised again for our justification. The word of God says for God so loved the world (humankind) that He sent and gave His only begotten Son as our Ransom.

Hence we know and believe that the proof of the acceptance of His work is found only in His resurrection from the dead. If He didn't rise from the dead, then the work stands as rejected. But praise the Lord it is FINISHED. That is where He was declared by the Holy Spirit to be the son of God with power. And God’s forgiveness of sinners is truly sealed. Because the wrath of God has passed over the believers just as the Angel of Death passed over the homes of the Jews marked by the blood of the lamb during their captivity in Egypt.

Therefore, have a blessed Passover and First-fruit celebration, spend time with the Lord Jesus your Pascal and First-fruit. For there is power in the Blood of the Lamb slain for all. So don't forget to apply the Blood of Jesus. Also in this season cover your household with the BLOOD OF JESUS. Your Passover is in the BLOOD of Jesus Christ. Christ Jesus is our First-fruit has risen. He is our resurrection and life.

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