Summary: The Restaraunt Hoss’s has a comercial were they say Hoss’s is Hospitality. We as a church a commanded to offer Hospitality. The question then is Hoss doing our job?

3 John 5-8

Is Hoss’s Doing Our Job?


A. I am sure that most of you have seen the Commercial for Hoss’s right?

a. In these commercials the Restaurant tells us they are working hard at trying to offer warm friendly service

b. They want you to feel comfortable during your visit

c. They want you to feel like you are a welcome guess

B. In order to promote that they came up with a clever phrase

C. Hoss’s is Hospitality

D. We as a church are called to offer hospitality

E. The question then becomes is Hoss’s Doing our Job?

F. We are going to look at three practical way to offer Hospitality

a. Stay

b. Send

c. Support

I. (5) Stay

A. Explanation

1. Notice once again how John begins this section,

a) By reminding Gaius that he is a friend. That is so nice to do when talking to someone, treat them as they were a friend

b) So what was Gaius doing that caused John to be call him a friend

2. All Gaius was doing was he opened his house so that missionary could stay there

3. He made up the guest bedroom and let them stay there

4. These were not relatives

5. There were not long lost friends

6. There were people that Gaius did not know

7. There were people that John sent to Gaius

8. Gaius opened his home and let them stay

B. Application

1. What can we learn from this?

2. We are becoming a society of back deck rather then front porches

3. Ok so everybody is looking at me funny let me explain

4. Architectural design tries to reflect society

5. Back 50 years ago everyone had a front porch

6. Why did they have a front porch, because that is where they could greet everyone from

7. Today we live in a society were we only have back decks

8. These back decks are so that we can entertain the people we want and not be seen or see anyone else

9. We are commanded to be people of hospitality

10. But if we have a back deck mentality it becomes near impossible

11. WE need to let people come and stay with us

12. We need to be offering someone a drink

13. Give them some food, whatever they need…

14. We need to be wanting and willing to get know a person we never meant

15. Basically we need to remember how Christ was able to witness to as many people as He did.

16. Christ set and example

17. Are we meeting that example by offering a place to stay?

II. (6) Send

A. Explanation

1. The missionaries that have been staying at Gaius house have filled out a report to John

2. They mention that Gaius has been super supportive

3. That Gaius has been acting in love

4. This is one of the reports that John like to see

5. Next thing that you notice is a very awkward to read sentence

6. By saying that you will do well to John is basically saying please

7. Please send them on their way in a manner worthy of God

8. By doing this we are talking about making sure that they have enough food and clothing

9. Now John tells us which set of standard to use when sending people

10. WE are not to use bob, Joes, Robert’s Rules,

11. John tells Gaius to use God’s Standard when sending people off

B. Application

1. Ok, what does that mean to us?

2. First of all almost as a little side note, when I hear reports about the love Bakerstown showed, I am happy

3. I love hear those, the more we can get reports like that, the more we are becoming Christ like

4. One of the ways to get a report like that is learning how to send

C. Illustration

1. Have you ever been on a long trip to your grandparents? Normally when you go to leave you always have 5 times as much stuff as you came with. Grandma will make sure you have enough food, it is impossible to leave Heather’s grandparents without taking food. They will make sure that you have enough $$, Yes Grandma we have enough $$ and they will make sure that you get home safely, guaranteed we will have to call.

2. That is caring for someone using God’s standards

3. We do that with are missions table that we take to Ma1/2e every year

4. If you look at the pictures on the back you will see all the items that we had

5. I was really proud at the quality and amount of stuff that we had on our table

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