Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Are you tired of worldly critics having the 'upper' hand on Christians, it's time to turn the tables!

:11 after the hour…I’ve been seeing it everywhere! 11:11, 9:11, 3:11…it’s been driving me CRAZY!

Welcome/greeting “is the bible the word of God”

Christians say “I believe the Bible is the Word of God because it’s in the Bible” GREAT, that doesn’t really work for the skeptic in your life.

30 sec perfect answer …that’s what you want from me, but you won’t get it…(you have to do your homework for yourself)

Know why you believe what you believe – don’t let church tell you, don’t let a pastor or priest tell you, don’t let ME tell you!!!

95% of skeptics don’t have a clue why they believe (harder to create than it is to destroy) God in business of creating! 95% of the critics have a hard time wrestling with good and evil, justice, where going when they die, creation…remember, it’s not our job to make sure EVERYONE believes what the Bible says. It’s our job to simply tell them, in love and let God do the rest.

Ripleys “believe it or not” They have thrived on this motto. Bottom line, they don’t care if you don’t believe it! It doesn’t change that it’s true. So it goes with the Bible. Is the Bible the word of God? Yes, not because I said it, because God says it all throughout scripture.

Lee said last week that yes, Christianity is based in faith, but it’s not stupidity. You can defend the Christian faith with logic.

SKEPTICS SAY IT’S JUST NOT LOGICAL! That God would send a Son, that ‘good’ people can end up in Hell...etc... Don’t let anyone get away with this criticism! Here’s the deal with logic:

Logic belongs to God because God invented the universe, the physical laws, mathematics and all of the natural and true phenomenon in it. Existence has order because God gave it order. Logic is true, not because it’s logical, but because it’s a reflection of God’s nature – which is absolute order and truth. Therefore, logic ultimately belongs to God and can only be properly used BY Him, and in matters pertaining TO Him!!!!! Man I love HONEY!!!

You know, the clear bear sitting in your pantry with the party hat on, waiting for the fun to begin.

Honey’s great because it’s always there when you need it. You probably only buy it a few times in your lifetime, why??

It Never spoils! Egyptian tombs, it’s been found sealed up for thousands of years, it crystallizes but all you have to do is heat it up and it’s good to eat! God knows this. Listen to what He says in Psalm 19&119…God’s word compared to honey! Never spoils!

I’ll tell you what spoils: mans failed attempts over thousands of years to discredit what the Bible says. Philosophies have risen up, trends, new waves of thinking ….yet word of God remains FRESH, RELEVANT, UNSHAKEN, AND ABSOLUTELY 100% TRUE. Just heat it up in your heart watch it sweeten your life!

To the critic: Your ideas are nothing new to God!

To the Christian: hide the word in your hearts and it will NEVER spoil.

Treat it like it’s the word of God! Gandhi: “you Christians have in your keeping, a document with enough dynamite to explode civilization, to turn society upside down, to bring peace to this war-torn world….but you read it as if it’s just good literature, and nothing else.

But KYLE, the Bible was in essence, written BY MEN! Yes, used divinely by God. God not only gave man the message, the words to write but He communicated it in a way that is both understandable and believable!

But MAN wrote it KYLE!!!!

Give me another book that MAN has written that holds a candle to the Bible!!! Give me one that holds no errors and has been under such intense scrutiny as the Bible has…it holds up over the centuries as mans books have fallen to folklore or have just been dismissed as crazy religious books with no backing or proof, both historically, archeologically or scientifically.

You cannot!! Even the skeptic can see this!

So show me God wrote the Bible KYLE!!!

Someone SHOW ME THAT HE DIDN’T!!!! Be the first in human history to prove God didn’t write the Bible like it claims He did! Create something instead of destroy it, offer a viable solution! If your solution is that we are all here accidentally and nothing has a purpose and when we die we return to nothing, then FINE!!!!! Do the math on that one!!!! You have A LOT MORE ANSWERS TO EXPLAIN THAN I DO!

All attempts to discredit the Bible as being Divinely inspired have failed, (Other than saying you just don’t believe it…that is YOUR RIGHT)

Men and women walked and talked with Jesus, stood shoulder to shoulder with Him as He preformed Miracles only GOD could do! YET some of these EYE WITNESES didn’t believe Jesus was who He claimed to be the Bible says!!! This is NOTHING NEW TO GOD.

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