Summary: This sermon is about letting the LOrds power work in your life

praise The lord on today

The LOrd gave me a word to give you on today and it is simply this " it is finished."

John 19:30

A couple of days ago while talking to a friend about the bible the Lord led me to the last days that Jesus was on the earth in the flesh . You know the story about how Jesus was betrayed by Judas with a kiss,and how he had to stand trial before Pilate, you also know how they hung him on the cross by driving nails through his hands and his feet. you also know how they pierced him in the side and out came blood and water you already know all of this but there is a deeper revelation here. I am not going to go through the whole story but I am going to back up and take you down the street where God wants me to take you.

This scene takes place after Pilate has, had his private conversation with Jesus and has determined that Jesus was not guilty of what he was charged with (John 19: 10). Imagine with me if you would Jesus standing in the judgment hall. He is beaten and badly bruised, his face is battered almost beyond recognition. He is wearing and ugly tattered purple robe and as he walks by the soldiers taunt him and make fun of him, listen as they call our savior names. The son of God. Jesus our savior, Listen as they shout out crucify him, crucify him, crucify him.

As your heart is aching within your chest and tears are running down your face from imagining his pain. Then you see it . The crown of thorns that they have placed on his head. The crown of thorns is pushed so far down on his head that it is piercing his brain. Imagine the torment. Imagine the pain. He endured all of this so that we could have salvation.

Finally through much torment and pain he reaches Pilate. I want you to understand that because Pilate didn’t think that Jesus was guilty he wanted to release him. Pilate actually made it quite clear to everyone that he didn’t find fault in Jesus but the people cried out crucify him. Imagine how Jesus must have felt. The pain, the anguish, the lonliness.The Torment.

After Pilate had bought Jesus out in front of the people it was bought to his attention that Jesus has to be crucified because Jesus had claimed himself to be the son of God. This made Pilate very afraid. Out of his anger and pity for Jesus Pilate went back to question him again.

Who are you? he asked Jesus. Where do you come from? Jesus didn’t answer him he never said a word. After Jesus would not answer him, Pilate said, Why won’t you answer me? Don’t you know that I have the power to crucify you and the power to release you?

I can imagine that it was at that point that Jesus lifted his head through all his pain and torment,turned to Pilate. looked him in the eye and then he said The only reason that you have any power against me is because it was given to you from above. It was at that point that Pilate realized that he had no power whatsoever against Jesus. Jesus was telling him in other words. Man what you are doing to me is going according to my plan, so that I may fulfill my destiny. So that I may fulfill my reason for living. That my people my be saved. What Pilate didn’t realize was that through the whole process of Jesus being beat and going through what he was going ,all he had to do was speak a word and his angels on stand by would have killed everybody. Nobody would have been standing, All he had to do was speak a word out of his mouth and it would have been over. However Jesus didn’t do that because he understood that there was a process that he had to follow in order for us to receive salvation. Watch it. So he was telling Pilate you are only doing what I want you to do.

First revelation

Man has no power against you as long as Jesus has your back, as long as he is with you. Satan has no power against you as long as Jesus is with you.

I know sometimes it may seem as if Jesus is far away, like he is not there. But he is always there. I know that you fell again but Jesus is there. I know you have received an eviction notice, or your husband has walked out on you but Jesus is always there. I know that your children are on drugs and being led in the wrong direction but Jesus is always there. I know that you are sick in your body but Jesus is always there. Watch this

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