Summary: With a world out of focus, we can focus on the Person of Christ.

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It’s All about Jesus!

Introduction – Focus

There are many things people focus upon. Today, at the new Cowboy’s Stadium, there will be many who will focus on the trappings more than the team. Jerry Jones wants his team to win but he loves his $1.2 billion stadium! *After a heartbreaking loss, most wish they had focused more on the trappings!*

There are some who focused on our marriage conference this weekend. It was nice having ten couples participate in the Jimmy and Karen Evan’s “Marriage, Money and Intimacy” marriage conference in the DFW area. These folks believed their marriage was important. They were focused on building stronger marriages.

Last week, we focused in Sunday school on reaching 200. We made a concerted effort and surpassed our goal to reach 210. It has been years since FBC has reached this milestone. Let’s focus on souls.

Focus. Much can be accomplished when we focus on the right things the right way for the right purposes..

As we begin this study in Revelation, we will find that the focus of the book is on the Person of Jesus Christ. The Bible is a story of redemption and He is our great Redeemer! Let’s look first at…

The Revelation of Jesus Christ 1:1-3

This book begins and ends about the person of Jesus Christ. He has a love for His creation and completed that love through His sacrificial death on the cross. Note five things in this first chapter regarding our great Redeemer.

First, we see His Identity. Jesus is the Son of God. He is the Savior of Mankind. He is the Sovereign Ruler who reveals Himself to those who accept Him on His terms. His name, Jesus, means “God is Salvation.” His title, Christ, means anointed One. The Bible is a book revealing mankind’s only hope. It’s not found in Washington or in the environment. It is not found in realigning politics or remodeling our world. It is found in Him!

Second, we see His Authority. Matthew 28 records the words of Jesus where the Father had given all authority to Him. Why? He completed His mission on the cross and is seated at the right hand of the Father.

Then, we see His Veracity. The Old Testament promised that the Messiah would come. The Gospels declare that He’s here! From the Book of Acts through Revelation, the Word announces that He’s coming back! In Revelation, preparation is made for His return and in chapters 19-22 and we find that He’s BACK! God’s Word never returns void and His truth is eternal.

Fourth, we see His Certainty. The words “for the time is near” are meant to signify the closeness of the event. It means soon, shortly, or quickly! It is something God has promised and He will bring it about.

Finally, we sense an Urgency in these words. We have a responsibility to share the Gospel and we are failing. We can read the statistics which indicate we are winning less people to Christ. Churches are in decline. As great as we may think the Southern Baptist Convention may be, we are declining in numbers because we, as a church body, have failed in the Great Commission. It’s time to fall on our knees and ask God’s forgiveness.

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