Summary: This sermon reflects the wilderness and how the tempter uses doubt to test the marque, a model brand of the faith of Jesus Christ in and against the shortcomings of the simple ones holding on by the faith of a mustard seed.

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Matthew 4: 1-10

Following the Lord through wilderness is where holiness is obtained; on green grass with jaborandi, it’s like dew following an early morning; in my ears, the lullabies are singed. I had to resist the easy way out of compromising to fall to sleep. My heart for the word of God is like medicine, it helps me to feel close to rivers of living water. The name of Jesus can do this, and only the name of Jesus can do, just what he said- he would do. There’s not a drug that can give my soul rest like Jesus. (It’s enough) It’s enough for him to bring out his best storytelling and redirecting the truth about what he tells us is reality; in actuality, we are like sheep led to slaughter.

The lord is calling you, when he calls you, don’t stop or interfer with yourself from coming, by ignoring his call to you, because he knows that you heard him. Fighting against the slaughter is no new thing. (Know body wants to die) some people do. There’s a pattern out there that seems right, but it’s the wrong, stone. If the name of Jesus is not on the stone in your life, than you are not wrong for saving your life in the eyes of the crusher; I know this saying sees hard, but it’s true, so many have been stoned to powder. If we try to save ourselves from dying with the name of Jesus on the stone of our heart; we will lose the life that we already have in him. Persecutions are not fun at all nor are sufferings, a pleasurable supersedure.

“They that live Godly in Christ Jesus must suffer persecutions.”

It's time to get tough with our personal makeover, by being slow to anger.

Slow to shake hands, we're not touching each other sudently or because it's part of a custom, but it is not the will of God.

There’s a blessing in suffering; the assurance that it gives to those who endure crank. We are starting up for Jesus. When you’re running for Jesus; you’re running by the power of God in him, Jesus who lives in the temple of those who serve him in spirit and in truth. You got to choose to run with him. He is able to take care of those who run by faith. You don’t have to worry about persecutions, because God is with you, in as much as he was with his disciples. They didn't have to worry about anything, because he was more than those that were against you. The world is against Jesus. The Lord wants us to trust him; let what the Lord wants matter. Living with the Lord forever: Seeing how wonderful life is to us,( Recognize the truth), God wants the best for us all.

It will always be better with his love. Because of his best, we have highest rights to the tree of life to live forever. The right to be created in his image and after his likeness cheeringly, I don’t know about you, but I know that I want to do everything I know too, to please God. Pleasing the Lord is to be the most important work in our life angelically. By his spirit, we are supernatural beings. We can love others, instead of hating them. When we let the Lord make a different in our life, he gives us his power to be compassionate

You want the power? The power is in Jesus. We got power, over all the power of spirits that war against times when you want to let go. Only God can teach us how to operate it right (Understanding, we need it for all of our increases)

(It’s enough) We don’t need know body else chance; everybody has their own choices to make. We have the power to choose life, also we have the power to choose death. What you do with the power depends on your own heart. Without God, you and I could do nothing right. Because of Jesus, it’s enough; it’s enough to trust him. You don’t need know body else Brit. “ It is written, MAN SHALL NOT LIVE BY BREAD ALONE BUT BY EVERY WORD THAT PROCEEDETH OUT OF THE MOUTH OF GOD.” The word of God is the shepherd that inhabits with his sheep, night and day. God knows the number of our head individually; he knows everything about us, that’s why it is so influential to answer his call when he calls you. We need to be obedient to his call.

When he counts us, if one of us is missing, he’s coming after those sheep that went astray. He knows how many sheep that are going to survive the wilderness where the devil and the wild beast hang out. At sunset the word of God leads us into safe Places. These places are rough stones that have survived the wilderness with the will of God that endures unto the end.

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