Summary: Waiting is a lost art. What are we to do as Christians to pass the time until Jesus returns?

Waiting, it’s something that we’ve all had to do – this time of year apropos to talk about waiting – lines, traffic, to speak – all of us having waiting issues

Share a time when you had to wait for something – turn to person near you and share your story – what helped you get through the waiting

Have you ever just hung out in a public place for an extended period of time waiting for someone? Did you notice how people react to you while you wait? Maybe it’s just me but people start to wonder what you’re up to if you stand in one place for too long. Depending on the people that work where you are, they may ask you what you need. I like it better when they don’t but they just keep looking over at you wondering what’s up – casing the place, etc.

I love Gospel lesson for today – that picture sticks in my head – Simeon and Anna just hanging out in the temple waiting, as the people around them stare at them confused

Imagine doing that today – coming to church everyday – sitting in a pew – when people asked you what you were doing – you said “waiting” – How long before they would commit you?

Waiting is a lost art? Everyone has their own coping strategies

-pass the time talking with family member or friend

-nervous habit


-amusing myself by listening in on the conversations of those who are complaining

Have to do something to pass the time – waiting is not the same as idleness – 2 Thessalonians 3

Jesus talked all the time about waiting, watchfulness and preparedness – so easy to fall asleep

Ranger school – greatest enemy is boredom and sleep – hard to stay awake

What are we waiting for?

Why are we still here?

What are we to do? Romans 13:11 – v. 8-10

1 Peter 3:15 – Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have

- Build relationships – love people

- Observe

- Pray

- Bible study

- Be available

Busyness is our greatest enemy – we can get so busy that you don’t see the struggles of the people we see everyday

One of the greatest examples is Acts 17:16-34 – built relationships, observed, study the bible, availability

Ever play hide and seek and the seeker decided to quit playing

–not only having something to do

–but also knowing that Jesus’ promise is sure helps

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