Summary: The human touch is incredible, its powerful, it calming. Jesus is on a trek and a woman touches the hem of his garment and she is made whole and a 12 year old girl is amazingly brought back to life, just because of his touch.

Jesus Touches Mark 5:21-43

1. Touching is a powerful tool

• It can be as simple as a handshake

• A small hug of gentleness is greatly appreciated one patient at the home it just thrilled her

• The touch makes one feel cared for, loved, appreciated, cherished, treasured, valued, precious Such a simple act. Such a powerful, non-verbal message.

2. Jesus was on His way to heal Jarius daughter

• Remember He has just received a desperate message from Jairus, a high synagogue official.

• His 12-year-old daughter is sick to the point of death. Will Jesus come and heal her?

• This great and well known high synagogue official. Mark tells us Jairus “falls at his feet” and begs Jesus to help him.

• The leader of the synagogue was an important man. For one man to prostrate himself before another was a sign of absolute submissiveness. Jesus was important apparently

3. The woman in the massive crowd needed a touch

• Not a powerful or famous woman, but one who has a very personal reason for seeking Jesus.

• The woman is sick. She has been sick for 12 long years. She has spent all her money on every sort of doctor, but no one has been able to help. This new rabbi, I have heard does miracles maybe if I but touch

• Mark tells us the woman has been suffering from “hemorrhages” — or what some other translations call “a flow of blood” — for all those many years. The flow of blood never ceases.

• This woman was considered unclean for 12 years, she is an outcast of from the community, Had she ever been married, the marriage ended long ago, one commentator said, If she’s lucky, her own family sends her a little food every once in a while. If she’s not, she begs on the streets.

• According to sociologist and biblical scholar Bruce Malina, the fact that she has spent a great deal of money on professional physicians indicates that she is — or perhaps once was — a woman of high social standing. In that culture, only the elite could afford to pay for physicians. But illness knows no social rank. We are all souls living in bodies, and the sick among us are more aware of that fact than most.

• The woman with the hemorrhage is the very picture of alienation and aloneness. she wants to be reconciled with her community … to be an object of shame and pity no more.

4. The Touch. The woman She slips through to the front of the crowd. And she touches the hem of his robe.

• It’s a miracle. A powerful feeling sweeps over her, she knows she has been healed.

• Jesus stops in his tracks. He looks around. “Who touched my clothes?” he asks. Disciples have no clue

• This touch was significant. It was heartfelt, Jesus says “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace.” He calls Daughter, He heals her body, he’s also healing her broken relationships. He has healed her family, He healed her spiritually as well. Go in peace … what blessed words for a woman who has known so little peace for such a long time!

• The Touch is over and it’s too late for Jaris daughter she’s dead, don’t bother the teacher He’s to busy. Jesus goes to the house and Jesus said, “Little girl I say get up”

• Jesus's touch returned things to normalcy, The touch returns a child back to be a child, the touch returned a parent back to the responsibilities of everyday life, The touch gave a women peace, the touch can give us hope, faith forgiveness.

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