Summary: Perhaps you are calling the resurrection day of Christ Easter instead of the First-fruit. Learn the truth and be set free from errors

Christ our Pascal and First-fruit

The Bible records that Christ rose up from the dead on the third day after fulfilling the feast of the Passover called Pascal. In truth, He died to fulfill the Pascal, but He rose up in fulfillment of the important feast of the first fruit. Believers of every denomination need to know the truth of the Scripture.

But sadly to say our Bible teachers are teaching us otherwise. What they teach us to celebrate on the Sunday of the Pascal they called "Easter" instead of the first fruit. So we rightly celebrate a feast we ignorantly call "Easter". But why do church leaders call it "Easter" instead of First-fruit? That we shall soon know because the Bible says people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. We are being destroyed in the midst of so much knowledge that the old world would have been jealous of.

You might be surprised to know the Bible calls the name of the feast the First-fruit, and not Easter if you honestly read 1 Corinthians chapter 15 and verse 20. Christ is called our First-fruit instead of Easter in that short passage dealing with His resurrection.

The question is how many believers understand that celebrating this unique feast of the first fruit is tantamount to celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus. Perhaps you have never heard of this very important feast. Then let's take a second look at this feast that corresponds to the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead. Because at this age very few believers know about this highly important feast. We all know about the feast of Passover called Pesach or Pascal which is often mistaken as a Jewish holiday. But very few are instructed on the truth of the feast of Passover and the first fruit. Sometimes you have to dig further to get hold of what the scripture teaches.

Most of the confusion and offenses arises because certain theologians find it supportive to their own agenda and advantage to omit the Hebraic roots of the Bible. And others who are bent on replacing anything Jewish with Gentile implants. Nevertheless, it is profitable to know that neither the Bible nor our Lord ever called it a Jewish feast because it belongs to Him. The Bible calls it the feast of the Lord. And our Lord called them my feasts. Hence what our God calls my feast is His feast. It is wrong to allude a Jewish connotation to them.

However, Passover is one of the seven "Feasts of the Lord" in the Bible with special meaning and significance for all believers of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. But before the coming of our Lord the feast of Purim (Esther's feast) and Hanukkah were added. Thus the seven feasts included the Feasts of Light called Hanukkah duly observed by our Lord Jesus and His apostles.

The added feast of Hanukkah was instituted to remember the deliverance of the Jews from the Emperor Antiochus IV during the Maccabean revolt. This happened about 167-160 BC before the first coming of Christ Jesus our Lord. These were the feast duly observed by the Apostles and the other disciples of our Lord Jesus in the first century even after His death and resurrection.

Instead what is happening in our churches is the ignorant observance of feasts our Lord never handed down to His Church. However, many reasons can be found as to why the church substituted the names and elements of the feast for a gentile or worldly traditions. Some has to do with having a total break from the Jewish tradition. The other group did not want the church be identified with the Jewish element of our faith. And that is where they missed out and corrupted the pure teachings of the scripture with the faulty traditions of men.

However if one would faithfully study the biblical feasts as outlined in the book of Leviticus by Moses. He shall discover that a lot of things are not right with many of the traditional teachings handed down to us. In fact, reading the Bible under the guidance of the Holy Spirit has the power to dispel all the clouds and shadows of replacement theology. There and then we can observe the hidden prophetic angles of the feasts of the Lord. In addition, one can discover why our Lord placed the feast into two natural divisions of the spring and fall feasts. The division has a reason and a prophetic perspective attached to it.

The Bible also reveals to us that the feast was not intended only for the children of Israel but for all who have the faith of Abraham. The feast also holds a deep and special prophetic revelation with respect to the first and the second coming or the return of Jesus. They also reveal the life, suffering, death and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus.

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