Summary: Jesus is Lord even of the sabbath day

Read Matthew 12:10-13

The Pharisees were under a deadly type of wishful thinking, the practice of professing a belief in a supernatural power or powers regarded as creator and congress of the church. They were masters of calculated trickery. The Pharisees, who were the ruling spirits, are still among us today. Their belief in the supernatural power was only secondary to their own powers. (You see the switch) They believed that all men should give honor and respect too their presents, but when the present of the Lord came around, they didn’t even know it. The Pharisees powers were the primary beliefs over the church; these powers were in the Sabbath, but they were not of the Sabbath. They couldn’t have been, because the priests in the temple profane the Sabbath, and were blameless. (Let your light expose them) while the Lord and the devil is at war. God has no respect of persons; you tell me who shows respect of persons. Can you see the catch? It’s so befooling!

Those spirits enforced the Sabbath, but they didn’t always obey it themselves. And most of the time they didn’t, but most of the time nobody ever blamed them. Are you shining your light on what’s going on around you? Jesus stood up against the church, as the light of the church, but when he died and rose from the dead, he became once again the light of the world. Did you know that the church back then was powerful, but they are much more powerful today? Yes, we have the comforter his very own spirit, the spirit of the Lord. The Pharisees were rich; and they believed highly in tithes as a way to get respect in their church. Tithes are a good thing to pay, but not just to have others respect you. This is another catch, because you can please man this way. Yes, it’s all a test. Don’t you know that we are all attached to God by his image, when Jesus came; he brought with him the likeness of God. Religion has no authority to impart the likeness of God to no one. Expect foul play everywhere you go because it’s going to show up. You cannot stop it. It’s like a baby; nevertheless, it will learn to walk on its own. You cannot stop the spirit of the Pharisees from working in your closes friends, but Jesus can.

The word of God tells us that we should not be a (Busy body) in other people business. For example, you tell your closes friend a secret and you closes friend goes out and tell it to his friends. Who’s guilty of being a (Busy body)? Now, you go to your friend concerning a matter, because you heard that you were the talk of the Town, and what others are talking about concerning you. You only told it to your friend, but everybody knows. You feel as though your friend let you down, but you let yourself down, because the word of God tells us curses is the man who trusts in the arm of flesh. This what the Pharisees did as a group.

The real meaning of the Sabbath is holiness.

Let God do all the work in your life about what to do next, when you find the spirit of the Pharisees lurking in the choices that you make about the will of God, I pray that you make the Lord your guild. Jesus is the holiness that the Pharisees called themselves the enforcers of.

They will kill you with their words and think there doing God a favor. Still! We got to let God do all the work about what to do next. Hold you peace, if you want to win, I tell you; he will fight the battle. That don’t mean for you to stop talking about the Lord.

Give God the praises for the Sabbath, not enforce the Sabbath

Jesus says on one accusation that he could call a host of angels to rescue him if he wanted too. If God moved mountains which he did; don’t you know God moved the Pharisees to the position that they took against him. It was God’s doing and undoing. God is still doing the same things. Wherever you are in life at this time, it was the Lord’s doing. If you’re in a bad situation; he can undo it, but you have to recognize the collusion between religion and God.

There is a big difference

Jesus is God manifested in the flesh, but religion is manmade and manifested in the flesh, both are manifested but the truth is there is no entrapment or deception in all that Jesus did. Flimflammers are always fighting against the loyalty of God; and it’s not their fault that they are on that side. Bluffing has no place in the church, but the Pharisees gave it a place. The spirit of the Pharisees might have you twisted up in treacherousness, so that the blind may continue to lead the blind into their ditches of conspiracy. There are more people tied up to deception than there are those who are committed to the truth of the word of God.

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