Summary: Is Jesus the Son of God? is He the only Son of God? This sermon attempts to answer that question

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Jesus is the Son of God – True or False?


A. The movie “The Passion of Christ” has sparked many conversations

B. You can turn on the talk shows, the news, and various other programs and hear people discussing the movie

C. I do not recall a movie that has sparked this much debate, conversation, and controversy

D. This films makes several claims, some people will tell you that these claims are not true

E. We are going to look 4 of these claims in the next 4 weeks and decide if they are true or false

• March 21 – Jesus is the Son of God – True or False?

• March 28 – Jesus is the Only Way to God – True or False?

• April 4 – Jesus Died for You – True or False?

• April 11 – Jesus is Alive – True of False?

F. This week we are going to look at the Claim of Jesus Being the Son of God

G. We are going to look at a variety of passages put them all together and find out if Jesus really is the Son of God

H. Were are going to key in on 3 different areas

a. Jesus’ Humanity

b. Jesus’ Deity (Deity is another way of saying _______________

c. What Jesus’ disciples said

I. Lets dive into it.

I. His Humanity

A. Explanation

1. Born

a) Yes Jesus was born.

b) It can be historically documented that Jesus was born and lived

c) We read about Jesus’ life in the Bible – Now at that moment someone might say that you cannot believe that Bible because it is just some made up story.

d) Let me respond in two ways: #1 every historical event recorded in the Bible has been proven to be true. It is generally recognize as one of the finest History books we know of

e) #2 There is evidence outside of the Bible that there was a Jesus of Nazareth

2. Experienced Human Experiences

a) In Mathew 4:2 – He hungered, after fasting for 40 days you too would be hungry

b) John 19:28 – He was thirsty

c) Mark 4:38 – Tired

d) John 11:35 – Jesus Wept – He cried

3. Died

a) Must everyone an accept that fact that Jesus was crucified

b) We know that was a common method of capital punishment back at the time of Christ

c) We have records of Jesus being sentence to hang on the Cross

d) However, some of said that he did not die on the cross

(1) Understand he was beaten unmercifully before he went to the cross

(2) Then he was nailed four times to the cross

(3) Hung on the cross

(4) And to make sure he was dead, the Roman guard stuck a spear up his rib cage, to his lung and pierced his heart

(5) Surely he was dead

B. Application

1. What can we conclude with from all of this information?

2. We can conclude that this person Jesus that we talk about all the time really existed,

3. That he was really a person

4. That we know that He was here on the Earth

5. All of this proves that Jesus was a real person

C. Illustration

1. Someone one did a studied and found out that we have more evidence that Jesus Christ was a person then we have for George Washington being the first president of the United States!

2. Impressive huh?

3. At this point someone might say, yeah so Jesus of Nazareth was a person, there were a lot of people back then, just because He was a person does not mean that He was the Son of God

4. Well let’s look at Jesus Claims about being the Son of God

II. His Deity

A. Explanation

1. God

a) Some people over the ages have said that Jesus never claim to be God, that He never claimed to be the Son of man

b) That is just not the case, he said he was God

c) Look at Mark 14:61-62. Notice how Jesus responded, “I am!”

d) He did not respond with a I could be, or a I guess, Or a It is possible, he responded with “I am:

2. Accepted worship

a) To accept worship would be considered one of the worst sins you could commit. The Old Testament strictly forbids it, unless it is worship to God

b) A numerous occasion people would worship Jesus

c) The leper who He healed came and knelt before him (math. 8:2) a sign of true worship

3. Equal authority with God

a) Not only did He accept their worship He told them that He was equal with God

b) The Great commission found in Math 28, how does it go? Therefore go an make disciples of all nations, …

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