Summary: “Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, ‘Peace, be still!’ And the wind ceased and there was a great calm… and they said to one another, “Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?” (Mark 4:39, 41)


There is a reason and there is a solution for every problem. A problem only remains a problem if you refuse the help you need to solve it. You do not drown because you fall into water, you drown because you refuse the help to get you out. Storms are a part of life and they create problems for everyone, both the believer and the unbeliever. God does not promise the believer a storm free experience through life. What He promises is His presence in the storm and His deliverance from the storm. God’s solution to the storms we face in life is found in His Word. It is to know Him, believe His promises and walk in His victory. There is a difference between knowing Christ and knowing about Him. The ones who know Christ trust Him and keep their focus on Him and His deliverance during the storm whereas those who only know about Him rather focus on the storm. Today many people know about Christ but only a few know Him. The ones who know Christ are the ones who have a relationship with Him. Can this not be the reason why many so-called Christians today believe anything they are told rather than believe the Word of God? Many “Christians” have fallen prey to idolatry and unbelief and no longer focus on Christ and His promises nor believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord over their storms.

Step One: Storms are inevitable

a) Due to addiction to drugs and alcohol

The storms we face in life are inevitable just as the storms at sea. There is nobody in the world that has never faced a storm in his/her life. Some people are facing a storm at this very moment. Many storms are a result of bad choices. There are storms that result from various addictions such as addictions to sex, drugs and alcohol, storms that result from family breakups and the loss of loved ones.

b) Due to sickness and disease

There are storms that result from lifestyle choices and preferences leading to sickness, disease, mental illness and other health issues. There are storms that result from carelessness and accidents leading to various forms of injury, pain and incapacitation.

c) Due to financial difficulties

There are also storms that result from financial difficulties. The inability to provide basic needs such as health, food and shelter can have devastating effects on the best relationships.


Storms are inevitable and if they are not overcome will end up destroying the quality of the life of individuals, families and communities. Unfortunately, instead of overcoming them many people try to accommodate them. The solution to the storms in our lives is found in the Word of God. To be honest with ourselves many of us do not know the Word of God or how to apply it. As Christians we often affirm our belief in Christ but live as unbelievers. Some of our “so called” teachers change God’s Word and interpret it their own way to serve their own interests. According to one theologian to change the Word of God is to change the God of the message and this is idolatry. We have quickly forgotten that the first person to change the word of God to suit his own interests was Satan and that believing him cost Adam and Eve their lives, God’s presence and their home in the Garden of Eden. Today Satan has many followers who serve him by changing the Word of God and deceiving the people. Why do many people blindly follow them and believe everything they say rather than what God says? Why is it that we do not question what they say but rather question what God says?


Many people are being deceived by false teachers that their desires can be met by what they do or what their leaders tell them to do. However, what they are told to do does not glorify Christ and is rather proof that they have rejected Christ and become slaves of Satan. Jesus Christ is the only One who can truly meet all our needs and whatever He tells us to do is for His glory.

Step Two: Storms present opportunities

a) An opportunity to proclaim the Word of God

In the course of our lives there are many storms that will come up that present believers with great opportunities. Most storms are orchestrated by evil forces with the aim to steal, kill and destroy. The believer however, should see such storms as challenges that present them with the opportunity to proclaim the Word of God and overcome the enemy.

b) An opportunity to exercise our authority

Storms present believers with the opportunity to exercise their authority. After the proclamation of God’s Word, words that are spirit and life, we praise God for destroying the work of the enemy, and exercise the authority that Christ has given us over all the power of the enemy so that nothing will be able to hurt us. (Luke 10:19)

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