Summary: many people want a secure this sermon we explore that Jesus is the only one who can offer true security


John 14:1-14

Jesus: the way to eternity

What do we trust to give us a secure life?

To enhance our life

We are constantly bombarded with promises of a better life

An easier life

What are some of those things that you believe will give you a better life

How tightly do you hold onto them

What are those things that you put your trust in because you believe they will result in you having a good life…

A more secure life

A Fulfilled your life

What are the things you came up with:

• More money

• A happy family

• Working harder and longer

• A secure or united organisation

• Good education

• Conservative investing

• Your superannuation fund

• What about spending time on yourself and your family

All these things have the potential to bring you some benefits.

But are they guaranteed?

Can you rely on them to bring you a better life.

A more secure life?

Relying completely on any one of these for a better life….

will result in disappointment…

will result in you missing out

Consider some of the events in recent weeks

• Christine and Lee Rush’s life has been turned upside down because their son is now sitting in a Bali gaol likely to be charged with drug trafficking offences

• Over the last month Superannuation funds in Australia have on average produced a negative return, in other words some superannuation funds actually lost money

• In the UK, car manufacturer MG Rover, a company that has been around for over 100 years was placed in administration and most its 6000 staff were sacked

• And we frequently hear of stories of life being cut short, people losing property in fires, family and friends,

The one thing that is guaranteed is that when we put our trust solely in the things God has created rather than God himself

We are likely to be disappointed

this disappointment may or may not happen in the short term

but it will definitely occur in the future….

Relying completely on something or someone other than God is dangerous

Often such a life is self centred,

and when it is self centred people will do almost anything to obtain and maintain the things and people they believe will give them a better life

Some will work hard forgetting that they have responsibilities elsewhere,

some will lie, cheat, steal, deceive

and there is a host of other things people will get up to give them the chance of a better life…

even if it hurts someone else

This sort of life is self centred not God centred.

And even when we are focussed on obtaining a better life through such means…

we can never be certain whether

• what we rely on will be good enough

• circumstances will remain the same or turn out as we planned

• we will be good enough

However there is another way

Jesus says trust in God…trust in me!!!

Do not trouble yourself

In other words do not stress yourself out unnecessarily

You maybe thinking how can he say this?

Doesn’t he see our world?

He does, and he knows we will experience difficulties

This is not Jesus saying hey, don’t worry be happy

Some people will drive you crazy….

with this sort of saying

when you are going through a tough time

many people are quick to respond with something like

don’t worry….you’ll get over it

but often they do very little to help

Jesus doesn’t just say don’t worry

And then leave us stranded in a land full of worries

Where there is no hope in sight

He says don’t worry

And he has already done what is needed to secure you not just a better life

But the only real life

Jesus offers us the only life

He lifts us out of out of an empty life….

Like a rescue helicopter lifting a survivor out of the sea

Today’s Gospel reading from John 14 tells us a little what this life is like

First…..even though it is special

It is real….

It is worth more than gold or silver

It is not limited to a select few…

It is not exclusive….

The life Jesus gives us is one that has many rooms

There is always room for more people

And he says he is preparing a place for you

In other words Jesus is saying look

To obtain access to this life you only need to trust me

To deliver it for you

Jesus is saying, “Trust me to deliver it to you”

Real life is available to everyone who trusts Jesus,

Listen again to the words of Jesus in response to how to gain life, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

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