Summary: Good news often accompanies life's greatest disappointments and fears. Joseph's life was wrecked by Mary's pregnancy, or so he thought.

Matthew 1:18-25

Joseph’s Dilemma, v. 19a

A. Mary was pregnant

B. Mary was unfaithful, he thought

C. Mary was maligned

Joseph’s Decision, v. 19b

A. Joseph decided against a public divorce

B. Joseph decided against stoning

C. Joseph decided to end the engagement quietly

Joseph’s Dream, vv. 20-23

A. It is God’s Will

1. For Mary to be his wife

2. For Mary to give birth to this child

3. For Mary to be the child’s mother

B. It is God’s Promise

1. God promised a virgin would give birth

2. God promised to be with His people

3. God promised to save His people

Joseph’s Determination, vv. 24-25

A. Joseph obeyed the angel of the Lord

B. Joseph married Mary

C. Joseph was separate from Mary until after the Child’s birth

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