Summary: Friends, this is where we find our joy everyday not just at Christmas. We find our joy in trusting God at His word and in trusting God to intervene in our lives when He wants and with whatever He wants.

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The Virgins Joy

Luke 1:26-56

During the Christmas season how, why, when, where and to whom we express our joy can cover a lot of territory. It really depends on what kind of joy we are expressing and what has motivated the outpouring of our joy.

We might be really joyful to discover that we have not exceeded our credit limit on our bank account or on our credit cards.

We might be truly joyful to learn that our in-laws insist on staying in a motel during the family visit.

We might be totally joyful to discover that our spouse finally gifted something to us that actually fits and is the kind of thing we can wear without embarrassment.

We might be joyful to sit together as a family and enjoy a festive meal without one negative word or comment about those who are absent from the table.

Yes there are a lot of reasons for joy at Christmas and a lot of things that motivate joy within us during this time of year.

Today we want to look at Mary the young virgin chosen by God to be the mother of Jesus. There is in our bibles a beautiful prayer that comes pouring out of her mind and heart and finally makes it way to her mouth in song and is recorded for all of us to read, study and meditate on.

It is referred to as The Magnificat or Song of Mary.

It is great that at this time of year we can stop and study Mary’s Song so that we can discover how joy affected her life and spilled over into the life of the church and each one of us.

Most of us know the story of Mary. But do we understand her joy?

She tells us that her soul glorifies the Lord in Luke 1:46.

Wait a minute lets back up and examine her situation.

She is a young woman who is engaged to marry a man from a good family.

She is presently living with her parents in Nazareth.

She is told she will become pregnant by The Holy Spirit and that the child will be a son.

She is told he will be great and be known as the son of the Most High who is to be called Jesus.

She says she has learned all this from an angel of God and that her son Jesus will take the throne of King David and that his kingdom will know no end.

She says that the angel also mentioned that her much older cousin Elizabeth who is known to be barren is now in her sixth month of pregnancy.

Her response to all this is found in Luke 1:38. I am the Lords servant.

From: Pg.2119. Notes - Luke 1:38 Zondervan - Life Application Study Bible, New International Version, Copyright 1988,1989,1990,1991 by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Wheaton, IL 60189

A young unmarried girl who became pregnant risked disaster. Unless the father of the child agreed to marry her, she would probably remain unmarried for life. If her own father rejected her, she could be forced into begging or prostitution in order to earn a living. And Mary with her story about being made pregnant by the Holy Spirit, risked being considered crazy as well. Still Mary said, despite the possible risks, May it be to me as you have said. When Mary said that, she didn’t know about the tremendous opportunity she would have. She only knew that God was asking her to serve Him, and she willingly obeyed. End Quote.

What a lot to take on as a young woman. To be willing to become the vessel that would bring to the world a Messiah that would save the world from its sins. If you ever wondered if God sees woman as important or vital to His divine plan for human kind then let Mary’s story sink in.

Mary is human not divine she is flesh and blood and like the rest of us she needs to see her faith evidenced in things hoped for. She sets out to visit her Cousin Elizabeth’s home. This is the same Elizabeth who is old and barren and past child baring years. This is the Elizabeth the angel was talking about.

Elizabeth is greeted by Mary and the child in Elizabeth’s womb jumps for joy at hearing Mary’s voice. Now it is Mary whose heart and mind jump for joy and spilling out of her mouth is Mary’s Song of Joy.

It is now that Mary is fully proved that she is not crazy that she has not been unfaithful to Joseph that the words of the angel Gabriel are in fact true and can be believed. Elizabeth the woman past child bearing years is very obviously with child just as the angel said she would be.

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