Summary: This sermon will help those who are down in the diatasis. You can only find a way out through Jesus, and only him alone.

Revelation 22: 12 - 16

We can do all things entirely even when the world is crumbling from erosion all around us. The wear and tear cannot stop us from surviving, because Jesus is not dead, the ravages of time have not the victory over the living. Although we are under the decomposition, in us, Jesus is very much alive. The embodiment that is up is coming down, and the collectivity that is down is going up. Jesus will take his rightful position, and the sum and substance is behind him.

Because of Jesus, we are over the dissociations on all accounts, as we weep for sorrow on the ablation, it’s like rain fallen down on them. They cannot see Jesus, because he is above them; all and sundry is with him. Saint’s, if we don’t warn them that they are going downward, those that are willing to turn around for Jesus will miss their chance to be up in the right position. The package with Jesus in all respect is high and looking down. We are the quarter in the oneness of God

Time brings on decay; nothing stays the same but his corpus, a whole ball of wax. In the last days, Jesus will cause many to believe a lie. Technology is going to make it appear that it has turned the degradation around, and it will seem as though the whole spectrum has survived the ablation. God will give them the wisdom to make it seem that way, but it’s not. Only those that are behind Jesus will be above it all and survive it all.

The catalyst, a rotted matter has started on everything but the kitchen sink.

Come apart from the world; don’t stay welded to it all your life. Break up those unhealthy relationships that you’re in, instead of having a percentage, walk away. I know you say, it’s not that easy, but what did Jesus say, if you’re having a hard time remembering, he says my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Consume sin with resistance, not being subject to it. Waste away in your negative attitude toward others; don’t let it get the best of you.

In everything that you do, you should do well, when you give Jesus your heart. Know body else sit’s high, and looks low but Jesus and his package deal. Unite over the world in spirit and in truth, not over it in carnality, a splitting of the total approach of what is seen with the eyes. Let us see Jesus, because we have seen Jesus, aim upward to the sky from which comes your help. If you do this, disorganization has no a chance to get the best of you.

Because of Jesus, we are a portion of the finish work of Christ, by division; we are in the army of the lord. In share, the power of the Holy Ghost is given to us to be a witness. On the sector, his word is the lamp unto our feet and the light unto our path. Near the segment where they drove nails in his hands and feet, we’re getting something; we’re getting the understanding that sin has been left behind, because Jesus left it all there, on the third day, when he got up from the dead.

Combine what you know about Jesus, by the way you live in him; incorporate works with the faith of Jesus to see some of your dreams come true. Include Jesus from A to Z in everything you do and say, as much as you can, while you can. Hook up with the church, so you can grow in the wisdom of God: make the call, his name is Jesus; Jesus is waiting for you above the resolution. We all must find Jesus to get out and above the decay.

Everything is photolysis down here.

Only Jesus will remain up, when everything else is coming down, yes he will.

Yes he will, he will be there, until the end of your love for this world. Yes he will, he will be there for the knockout blow, as Satan try’s to beat us down. Yes he will, he will be there, when others from your fate have labeled you with Judgment, as though they were God. Yes he will, he will be there, if you’re drowning and the finishing stroke was near. Yes he will, he will be there, supposing you were at the bottom of the barrel. Yes he will, he will be there to resurrect all those with his spirit in their soul.

Since he’s there Jesus, think not your heart is troubled, when things don’t go the way you plan. Until now, he has not changed, but he changes our heart. Long since we have been born, he had his eyes on us. From away back, when we were doing wrong, he could have judged us but he choose mercy, because he knows our heart, better than we know it. Since days of yore, he loved us the same. Jesus has no respect of persons.

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James Collins

commented on Oct 7, 2011

Maybe the oddest and least understandable message I''ve seen on SC. I don''t want to be harsh, but did something not translate in the upload process? Is it just me?

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