Summary: If we would hold on to some of these truths that are found in these few verses, we could shake the walls of hell!

John 6:1-7

Verse 2-Then a great multitude followed Him

Why, because they thought He was the Son of God?

Why, because they thought He was the lamb of God?

Why, because they loved Him?

Why, because they wanted to worship Him?

No…Because they saw His signs which He performed on those who were diseased.

These people sought His hand not His face.

They followed Jesus because of what He could do for them not for what they could do for Him.

I am afraid there is still a multitude of people who go to church, who tithe, who pray, just so they can get something out of God.

Not because they love Him, or want to worship Him, or not because they recognize who He is!

Verse 5-6-Then Jesus lifted up His eyes, and seeing a great multitude coming toward Him, He said to Philip, “Where shall we buy bread, that these may eat?”

But this He said to test him, for He Himself knew what He would do.

Blessed Are the Flexible For They Shall Not Be Broken

I want you to see that Jesus was going to test Philip’s faith, just like Jesus test our faith!

For He Himself Knew What He Would Do-Jesus knows what He is going to do in your circumstance, in your troubles, in your problems.

If we would just get hold of this truth…Our giants’ wouldn’t seem so big, our mountains wouldn’t seem so tall, our valley’s wouldn’t seem so deep!!

He seen the crowd before they got there and He has seen your problem before you did…And guess what?…For He Himself knew what He would do

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. (But what if He doesn’t take care of my needs?)

He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. (But what if He doesn’t restore me, or refresh me, or strengthen me or help me?)

Remember you are God’s sheep not His goat! We are always head-butting (With our doubt and our belief) that God is going to take care of us!

Verse 7-Philip answered Him, “Two hundred denarii worth of bread is not sufficient for them, that every one of them may have a little.”

Philip looked at the crowd and try to figure out how to solve the problem.

He was trying to find a course out of the crisis!

But when he looked at the crisis, he lost sight of the Christ!!

I am afraid we do you too! “Lord, help us not to see the crisis but to see the Christ in the Crisis!”

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