Summary: When we run with the Lord, I don’t want anyone getting weary

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Jeremiah 5: 1

1John 4:1

In faith of Jesus, the camel becomes a threadlike object, going through the eye of a needle. People have changed from the manual way of doing almost everything. God has not changed; the automatic way has created, so many disturbing I D’s: that is; we have about who’s really in control. Perhaps! You’ve been down roads pit holes on every side if you don’t fall into a hole and clime out by calling – Jesus! How are you going to know all things are possible with the word that God is still in control? He makes it rain on us; he makes it snow on us; he makes it hot, and he makes it cold. Some of us will do anything to keep from going down those roads because they look impossible to conquer; there is nothing to fear down those roads. Looking down those roads at first sight; the pictures doesn’t look so beautiful but when you get there know this God is there too, if you put Jesus in the picture and get lost in it with him. It’ll be like getting lost in the spirit as years pass by; and you want even remember the hard times as being that way. God knows where you are, and he’ll let you stay right there until you die.

Have you ever been convicted or compel to stand in success or good fortune but never seem to follow through with it? It’s about having the control to forget your-self; this kind of control belongs to God, and we have to go through Jesus to get it. He wants you to let him forget about what you did in the past; I know this is hard for most people because they are committed to what they do but he’ll bring all things back to our remembrance. Gomorrah a city which he destroyed by fire according to the Bible is a reminder. Who we suppose to be committed too and what we suppose to be committed too; I believe it’s ok to forget things like what restaurant you went too: where you met someone or even the password to an email but don’t forget Jesus. Forgetfulness only shows us who’s really in control, and what you’re forgetting; it’s kind of hard to love two masters. We must follow the conviction of the Holy Spirit; it’s not going to let us go wrong; it leads to the sensitivity of God, by conviction we become simple people when our works agree with him. Yes! God is simple; it’s not always the most serious problems that we face that God wants to be there to aid us through.

Moses was probed to find out who God was, like a bee that circles around a shrub with inconspicuous flowers and small ovoid drupes that are sometime yellow. Understanding that kind of love that God has for us means, folding our edge under his will and taking the right opportunity over the wrong one. God show us how vulnerable we are to forget that we represent him by creation. This is why we have to stay careful and focus about who created the things that be. It’s nothing wrong with being in love but there’s a love so wonderful you’re never get weary of well doing; you can do good all the time automatically that’s when you know him for yourself because God is good. In our adolescence years most of us became best friends with bitterness when a lot of wrong that we did was right at lease we thought it was, but Jesus picks us up anyway, and he carries us. God gives us a roll while he is carrying us from out of his hand all that eats it is giving power to speak. If you don’t have the power to speak, take of the roll and he’ll cause you to have the power you need to speak his word without fear.

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