Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is a message for every body including atheists (those who don’t believe in the existence of God), and those who are in search of the true God, and also for those who know the true God.


Scripture portion - Psalms 103:7

“He made known His ways to Moses, His acts to the sons of Israel”

Note: This is a message for every body including atheists (those who don’t believe in the existence of God), and those who are in search of the true God, and also for those who know the true God. I feel that this message is better read than preached. So please print out this message, make copies of it and distribute them.

The Bible is the story of how the One True Living God made Himself known to the greatest of all His creation, the human race. God is an infinite being. He is incomprehensible. Man may never fully understand God. But since God himself is trying to make man know about Himself, we can be sure that there is some ability within us (given by God) to know something if not everything about Him. Isn’t it wonderful to know that the Almighty Creator desires to reveal Himself to us?! We are weak. Our knowledge is limited. We don’t know completely about ourselves or the earth on which we are living in. We don’t understand this universe. Great scientists are struggling to gain some knowledge. They hope to comprehend the incomprehensible. But, here is God, who is all–knowing and all-powerful, trying greatly to make us know about Him! This should lead us to praise Him and glorify Him with all our hearts full of gratitude. How helpless we are in knowing our Creator, without Himself willing to reveal to us! How foolish they are, those who think that they can try and find whether God exists or not! O man, what can you do to find God if He decides to hide Himself from you? If there really exists a God, then it is God who should decide whether or not to reveal Himself, and not man to prove whether God exists or not. It would be foolish for man to do so. If God exists and man wants to prove God’s existence, it will be the height of pride and arrogance of man. Who are you to prove God’s existence? Are you going to do a research and find God and say to God “O God! All these years I took great pains, researched carefully and found out that you exist. I certify that you exist. Here is the certificate confirming your existence. Take it”?! Even though nobody said like that, this is exactly what God thinks of those who try to prove His existence. Don’t ever try to prove that God exists. It would be a great insult to God.

Think of a child trying to prove that his parents exist. That child should be completely mad to attempt such a foolish act. It would be a great sorrow and insult to the parents for their children to say to them, “We confirm that you are our parents. We found it after doing D.N.A tests. Now, we acknowledge your authority as parents over us.” This should never happen. It is good that you believe there exists a God. But it is not good for you to prove His existence.

What if God does not exist at all?! For the time being, we shall assume that God does not exist (Lord of my heart! Please forgive me). So, you believe that God does not exist and you want to prove that. I ask you brother, is it really needed to prove that God does not exist, if He really does not exist. If God really does not exist, then there will be no punishment for any sin. (I hope you agree with my statement). Since God does not exist and there will be no punishment for any sin, you can sin as much as you like. You are completely free to commit the worst of sins, because there is no God to throw you into hell. All scientists believe that the ultimate destiny of human beings is destruction. According to scientists human race is going to become extinct in the far away future. Since you believe that there is no God, there is no hope that human race will continue. By the way, you know that the devil will never save you from becoming extinct, if at all it exists, because devil is supposed to be evil and always trying to destroy human beings according to all religions. If God himself does not exist, then devil can never exist. So, there surely will be an end to human drama on this earth (and also of the aliens if they exist!). (It is surprising for me how people believe in the existence of alien beings but not in the existence of God. Forgive my foolishness.) All our knowledge will cease to exist forever. All our hard–earned wisdom will disappear. There will be nobody to praise our glory and fame. There will be nobody to praise your holiness or condemn your filthiness. There will be no one to commend or praise you for “proving the truth” that God does not exist. You were “right”, but what is the use? There will be no one to punish anyone for their sins. The worst and most brutal sins will not receive punishment. Since it will be so, we can safely conclude that even the “sin” of believing that there exists a God will also not be punished. Since this is the “future reality”, is it logical for you to spend your time proving that God does not exist? You may be wise in believing that God doesn’t exist. Those who believe in God’s existence may be foolish. But, why do you show concern for their foolishness? Why do you want them to know the “truth”? Any way, they are not going to be punished for their foolishness. They are enjoying their life as they want and you enjoy your life as you want. Because, you have only a little time before you completely and forever disappear from this universe. Do not waste your valuable time. Let them live as they like. They are not going to lose or gain anything. But if you spend your time proving that God does not exist, you will lose whatever little time you have in this life to enjoy before permanently vanishing away from this universe. Be wise. Enjoy your life.

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