Summary: The reason so many "church members" fail to live for God and sometimes end up falling for every wind of doctrine even to following cults and fads, especially college kidsis because they lack the knowledge of the Word.

*Boudreaux was out fishin’ when he came back in with a boat load of fish. The game warden was watchin’ and came and said, "Boudreaux, how you caught all dem fish?" And Boudreaux say, "Com’ see."

They both went out again and then Boudreaux said this is the spot.

So he pulled out a stick of dynamite and lit it. The warden he done started hollerin’, "Boudreaux, you can’t do dat! You can’t fish dat der dynamite! What you tink boy?"

Just then Boudreaux threw the dynamite to the warden who caught it and said to the warden, "You gonna sit there a hollerin’ or you gonna fish?"

What does it take to change your convictions? For some it may take dynamite for many others it is as simple as the breeze blowing.


A. KNOW what you believe.

1. Be confident, nail it down.

2. Satan wants to keep you unsure and confused.

B. Hold Fast what you believe.

1. "carried about" means to be "carried off" or

"taken away" from the TRUTH.

2. Don’t take my or anyone else’s word for it.

"Study to shew thyself approved.." II Tim 2:15

Study it and settle it!


A. BELIEVE what you know.

1. By establishing our beliefs we can have

confidence and comfort in our hearts.

*Have you ever known someone who thinks they have to keep getting saved over and over?

Their problem is not their belief of the doctinal teachings of salvation and God’s grace and being born again in which one can not be unborn. Rather, there problem is the inconsistent walk with God and being filled with His Spirit each day.

When we fail to walk with God daily we will feel lost and empty. That’s why we must get filled up each day aith the Holy Spirit, because we LEAK!...

When we fail to keep His commands and abide in Him we have no confidence in those things and therefor our faith is weak! Because we lack knowledge and understanding then someone comes along with a teaching that is untrue but it sounds good (to the weak flesh). But they don’t realize their soul is hungry and they begin to saturate the teachings as though they were true.

If you are confused about issues then:

-Establish you beliefs and you will

-Establish your heart and you can

-have total confidence in God.

"Know what you believe and believe what you know!"


A. Out of the heart comes the thoughts and intents of man...

1. You are somebody’s role model...Teach them what to believe...

2. Walk in worthiness as God Pleasers...

3. Let your life draw others to your beliefs in Christ...

If you will Establish your beliefs you will Establish your Heart and you can then Establish your Life.

Christ is your Anchor....

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