Summary: Lamp Stand and God's children.

Lamp stand and Olive Trees

Zechariah 4:6 My Spirit

“This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit says the Lord of Hosts”

Be an oil filled lamp Stand

Angel of the Lord shakes him and wakes him up. (v.1). Oil flows but not able to see, only light is seen. Only result is seen (v.2). Great is nothing before a man of God (v.7). God’s work cannot be stopped. God’s Hand can do everything.

Be a spirit filled Man of God

If the name is not Hebrew but Assyrian-Babylonian, it may contract, Babel, meaning, "Seed of Babylon", the one conceived in Babylon. (Contrast the related Hebrew form for "Seed": Hebrew: Zeera'.) Zerubbabel may have had a Babylonian style name because of his interaction with the Babylonian court. He was a Civil Leader.

Might refers to the collective strength of the group resources like an army. The power focuses on the individual strength. Here the Lord declares that not by the resources of many or one person but by the spirit of God. Your ability, cleverness and physical strength, wisdom of people can do nothing. Spirit of God does many great things. Nothing can be achieved by mere might and power. But everything is possible by the Spirit of God.

When we trust in a man or the resources of our own, we do not trust in the abundant resource of God, i.e., HS.

1. He makes dry bones alive (Eze.37:2-3,7,11,14). Jn. 3:8

2. He Oil Lubricates, Oil Heals (Lk. 10:34), Oil Lights, Oil warmth and comfort, Oil invigorates, Oil Adorns and Polishes.

Be a great witness

Nothing is great before a Man of God. If you are a man of God, nothing can stop you. Nothing can destroy you. God is great his spirit is great. The Oil and the lamp stand are important. Olive trees are important.

Stand for God as a witness. No fear. (v. 11-14).

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