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  • Different Types Of Anointing Series

    Contributed by Ubirathan Miranda on Dec 9, 2002
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    The Holy Spirit’s ministry through the different types of anointing available for belivers in Jesus Christ.

    The Different Types of Anointing By Ubirathan Miranda, Pastor OPERATIVE VERSE “There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are differences of ministries, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of activities, but it is the same God who works all in all.” I Corinthians more

  • The Anointed

    Contributed by Rev. Daniel Panitz on Oct 15, 2012
    based on 1 rating

    The is a study on the purpose and history of being anointed.

    The Anointed By Reverend Daniel Panitz You know I have heard the word anointed used so much in charismatic arenas that I decided to study the concept further. I have heard it said that this minister or that minister is or is not under the anointing. In Christian circles it appears the more

  • Advantages Of Godly Anointing

    Contributed by Zacch Olorunnipa on Sep 4, 2022
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    One of the greatest spiritual gifts from God for every believer and follower of Jesus Christ is the anointing. This ministration discusses how the numerous advantages of Godly anointing enhance the believer's spiritual journey

    ADVANTAGES OF GODLY ANOINTING BY ZACCH I. OLORUNNIPA Primary Text: Isaiah 61:1-3, Acts 1: 5, 8; Acts 10:38; 2 Cor. 1:21, Psa 89:20 Introduction: One of the greatest spiritual gifts from God for every believer and follower of Jesus Christ is the anointing (2 Cor. 1:21-22; Eph. 1:13, James 1:17). more

  • The Anointing According To The Scriptures

    Contributed by Claude Alexander on Dec 19, 2018
    based on 1 rating

    What is the Anointing? What does the scriptures say about the Anointing?

    The anointing according to the scriptures. 1 John 2:20-27 We are living in a time when many Christians view the biblical doctrine of the "anointing" as if it were a highly charged exhilarating or some kind of high voltage energy source or force that flows through the atmosphere, our more

  • Anointing

    Contributed by Ronald Hughes on Apr 18, 2002
    based on 229 ratings

    There is a lot of talk concerning the anointing. Here are five non-negotiable points concerning it.

    The Anointing Psalm 92:10-15 Rev.R.B.Hughes 1Cor.1:21...Now He who establishes us with you in Christ and anointed us is God. Introduction - lot of talk about the anointing....some good, bad, confusing..Yet I trust you more

  • Alignment, Anointing And Authority

    Contributed by David Spiegel on Oct 23, 2018

    Many desire the anointing of God and long to operate in His authority but neglect the alignment with His will and the leadership God has placed them under.

    Alignment, Anointing and Authority: Congregational Poll: • Who wants the Anointing of God in your life? • Who wants to operate in the spiritual Authority of God? • Who wants to have your Alignment adjusted? What did you picture when I said the word alignment? • A vehicle that drifts off more

  • The Three Anointings In The Bible

    Contributed by Bill Burnett on Nov 15, 2006
    based on 33 ratings

    The three anointing were Leper, Priest, and King. Those three anointings are available to all Christians today.

    THREE ANOINTINGS IN THE BIBLE How many would like to see your Christian faith stronger than ever? • miracles • bringing people to Christ • casting out demons • healing • effective prayer In order for this to happen… you must have spiritual authority that only comes from God on high. God is more

  • The Anointing Today

    Contributed by Dr. Jonathan Vorce on Feb 25, 2022
    based on 1 rating

    The flow of the anointing can be seen throughout the Bible and every significant revival in church history. Simply put, if there were no anointing, there would be no revival. The anointing is the burden removing, yoke destroying power of God.

    Scripture Text: Acts 1:8 INTRODUCTION Revival & Anointing Go Together DEFINITIONS: Websters ANOINT', v.t. [L. ungo.] To pour oil upon; to smear or rub over with oil or unctuous substances; also to spread over, as oil. To consecrate by unction or the use of oil. • Thou shalt anoint the more

  • The Secret Place

    Contributed by Pastor/Author: Terry Sisney on Sep 26, 2021
    based on 5 ratings

    The secret place will become the sacred place, and the sacred place will become the desired place, and when that happens you will not only experience protection, but also an anointing of power.

    Read Psalms 91:16 Read 2Sa 5:17-19 I want to bring your attention to the book of Samuel, and these 2 verses. David was anointed to be king over Israel, the Bible says that the Philistines came out against David. Notice... The Philistines were notified of Davids new level anointing, and they came more

  • The Anointing Oil

    Contributed by Tommy Jackson on Jan 15, 2006
    based on 87 ratings

    What symbolism does the anointing oil of the Old Testament have for us as believers today?

    The Anointing Oil Exodus 30:22-30 We often talk about "the anointing". We pray for the anointing of God on our lives, our ministries, our activities - everything. We recognize that we need the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. Our own strengths can sometimes be weaknesses because we so more

  • Anointing For The Next Level

    Contributed by Bishop Prof. Julius Soyinka on Mar 25, 2015
    based on 4 ratings

    The anointing of God will make a man to operate beyond natural level and to do supernatural things. For any one to progress in life and ministry, he or she needs the flow of fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit.

    ANOINTING FOR THE NEXT LEVEL Study Text: I John 2:27 Introduction: - According to the word of God, every born-again, Spirit-filled child if God has the anointing in His life. But every child of God is responsible for keeping and increasing the level of anointing. That is why some walk in a more

  • Breakthrough Anointing

    Contributed by Donnie De Loney on Aug 3, 2012
    based on 5 ratings

    Trusting God for direction and leading when we are not sure of the way.

    Breakthrough Anointing 1 Chronicles 14:8-17 David was a man after God's own heart. I like that enduring quality about David. Although he had his faults he still had a heart after God. In the text we see that the Philistines have received word that David has been anointed King over all Israel-vs. more

  • Year Of The Lord's Anointing

    Contributed by Benny Paul on Jan 7, 2016
    based on 9 ratings

    Let us prepare ourselves for a wonderful and an anointed year ahead!!!

    Introduction: God has anointed you so that you may be equipped for every good work: to resist evil, to know the truth, to preach the Word, to be able to pray, to have fellowship with God… You are anointed of God: Have you ever considered yourself to be an anointed Christian? Maybe you've thought more

  • The Anointing Is The Difference Series

    Contributed by Ricky Nelms on Jul 30, 2010
    based on 34 ratings

    This is the seventh message in the series "From The Problem To The Solution". The power of the anointing will help you from the problem to your solution. The outline is 1-The origination, 2-The agitation, and 3-The coronation of the anointing.

    From the Problem to the Solution #7 - THE ANOINTING IS THE DIFFERENCE This morning, we're continuing, right on through to years end, our series of messages entitled FROM THE PROBLEM TO THE SOLUTION And by way of review, we've told you already, that in order to get FROM THE PROBLEM TO THE more

  • The Anointing

    Contributed by C Vincent on Jul 5, 2009
    based on 7 ratings

    What is the anointing and why Christians need to recognise it.

    The Anointing What is the Anointing? Anointing/anointed/anoints Chrisma or chriô Don’t mix it with charisma Chriô means to rub lightly or spread over something cover Anointing was an ancient custom used by Egyptians, Greeks and Romans It was an act of hospitality towards a guest; you more