Summary: God Laughs and has a sense of Humor and God Cries Too!

Laughter comes in many forms, but the "Laughter of Sadness" is no laughing matter as we will see today. There are Tears of Joy and Tears of utter sadness as well.



God has a great sense of humor and He laughs too! As we can see when the Lord God told Abraham that he and Sarah would have a child in their old age; Sarah even thought it to be ridiculous. So much so that she laughed. Look at Sarah’s reaction upon being told this from Gensis 21:6:

"And Sarah said, God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me."

I think I would have laughed too, if I was their age and thought it impossible. It reminds me of the time when the Lord told me not to do something that I had done many times before. This one particular day,

the curtain in my dining room decided to fall down, as it had done on one or two other occassions before. I always had a particular chair that I used to put it back up, because it was the most solid of chairs I had.

As I went to get up on the chair to fix the curtain, my daughter says, "Mom, don’t do that, you will fall." I told her she was being ridiculous and over protective. I once again went to get on the chair and I heard the voice of the Lord say, "Don’t do that! Listen to your daughter." I thought "this is silly" and the curtain needed fixing and that was all I

had to stand on. So I did. No sooner had I done that, when the entire chair collapsed and went over and boy, did I get bruised ! I heard the Lord laugh and my daughter laugh and say, "I told you so!" in unison! As

painful as the fall was, I found myself laughing too! I was laughing at myself for not listening to them, as I am sure they were; but also at the sight of me sitting on the floor in a heap! That is when I learned

of God’s great humor and that I should listen to him better than I had.

There are other reasons the Lord laughs as well and some are on the more serious side. Let’s take a look at Psalms 2:4: "He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall have them in derision." What does this mean? What the verse is saying is that all those who mock, ridicule and deny the Lord and repent not,it is the Lord will have the last laugh on them. Why. Because the Lord, your God has extended His

Grace and Mercy to the end of days and they will, for the most part, receive it not. When the Antichrist shows up on the scene, which is very soon, God will confound the people of the earth and they will will

believe that the antichrist is their "Savior". I suppose if you look at it from the human perspective, it is God who will have the "last laugh" on man and satan. After all the warnings, all the miracles and all the extensions of His grace and mercy and people still refusing to repent; it is God who will laugh and say "I warned you, I told you so and I Showed you, yet you refused to listen and obey. As we look in the next verse from Psalms 37:13 this coincides with what

has been said above.

"The LORD shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming." The Lord knows that his day is coming and coming very soon, indeed. We are in the end-times and those who choose to remain blind to it are the

ones who are going to pay the penalty for it. He is laughing at the pride, self-love, boastfulness and the lust of the world in the hearts of man because thay have chosen the world and all it’s content over Him.

They have continiously denied Him, called Him and His Word a myth and yet have chosen the world and/or satan over Him. Why is it the can believe in satan, yet find God so hard to believe in? If you believe in Satan and he is an unseen force, then why not God, for He is unseen as well? When I say unseen, I mean in their own form. God can be seen in the Light and form of His true Children and faithful followers by how they radiate His Light and Love. Much the same can be said of satan, but only in the reverse. Satan and his followers walk in darkness and only radiate Hate and Darkness. When The Lord returns, the sheer look upon

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