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Summary: Consequence of sin. Wine is a mocker. Do not eat blood. Conditions of a developed world. Principles from the life of Noah for us today.

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Introduction: After the fall of man in Genesis 3, we find man continuing in sin. By Chapter 4 of Genesis we find the first murder recorded for us. By the time we come to the time of Noah, man’s sin increased but man had progressed a great deal in science and technology.

1. God enables man to progress.

Progress of Man:

a. Cities were built.

Genesis 4:17 Cain was then building a city.

b. Musical instruments were made.

Genesis 4:21 Jubal was the father of all who play the harp and flute.

b. Tools were made of bronze and iron.

Genesis 4:22…who forged all kinds of tools out of bronze and iron. The early civilization – The Neolithic Era, the Bronze Age, and Iron Age.

With the progress and development grew the wickedness of man.

2. Sin in a developed world.

a. Moral degradation.

i. Polygamy. Genesis 4:19.

ii. Abuse of marriage. Genesis 6:1-2

b. Corrupt leaders.

Genesis 6:4

c. Wickedness & violence.

Genesis 6:5 The Lord saw how great man’s wickedness on the earth had become, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time.

Genesis 6:11 Now the earth was corrupt in God’s sight and was full of violence.

d. Alcoholism.

Matthew 24:37 Jesus said about drunkards in Noah’s time.

3. Consequence of man’s sin:

a. God was grieved.

Genesis 6:7 The Lord was grieved that he had made man on the earth, and his heart was filled with pain.

b. God cut short short man’s lifespan.

Genesis 6:3 Then the Lord said, “My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal, his days will be a hundred and twenty years

c. God destroys the wicked but spares the righteous.

Genesis 6:13 So God said to Noah, “I am going to put an end to all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them. I am surely going to destroy both them and the earth.

In the whole earth God only found Noah faithful. Genesis 6:8-9 8But Noah found favour in the eyes of the Lord. 9This is the account of Noah. Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked with God.

Genesis 6:18 But I will establish my covenant with you, and you will enter the ark-you and your sons and your wife and your sons’ wives with you.

Jesus drew parallel from the time of Noah and told that such will be condition of man before the coming of the Lord. Matthew 24:37 As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.

God asked Noah to make an ark of cypress wood and makes rooms in it. Noah did everything the Lord commanded him.

Genesis 7:13-14 13On that very day Noah and his sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, together with his wife and the wives of his three sons, entered the ark. 14They had with them every wild animal according to its kind, all livestock according to their kinds, every creature that moves along the ground according to its kind and every bird according to its kind, everything with wings.

Genesis 7:11-12 11…on that day all the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened. 12And rain fell on the earth forty days and forty nights.

Genesis 7:24 The waters flooded the earth for a 150 day.

Genesis 8:14-17 14By the twenty-seventh day of the second month the earth was completely dry. 15Then God said to Noah, 16“Come out of the ark, you and your wife and your sons and their wives. 17Bring out every kind of living creature that is with you—the birds, the animals, and all the creatures that move along the ground—so they can multiply on the earth and be fruitful and increase in number on it.”

When Noah stepped off the ark after the flood, it was a fresh new world. Noah and his family set out to obey the Lord in this world and follow God’s commands in replenishing this earth.

Open your Bible to Genesis 9. God is speaking to Noah after the flood. Genesis 9:3 Everything that lives and moves about will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything. So it is alright for man to eat the flesh of animals, birds, and fish. Everything was available for man to eat. Man should use his wisdom in choosing things to eat. In our knowledge of science today we know that there are certain kinds of flesh which tend to add to your LDL levels, that is bad cholesterol. As a matter of fact almost everything that is worth eating adds to your LDL.

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