Summary: Having done the groundwork, Nehemiah rebuilds the walls up in 52 days


1. Allocation of the Work. Neh. 3

Nehemiah doesn’t do all the work himself. HE DELEGATES.

As Christians leaders we need to learn to delegate - especially the work with the greatest kudos.

Remember in the Kingdomn of God, it is the leader that should be servant of all.

Although we don’t know much about many of the the builders - other than their names, there are some principles that can be learnt from some of the builders.

1. Watch out for the Judas’ of this world

Sheep Gate v. 3 - Eliashib and the priests

God’s priests work. All Christians are priests and kings (Rev.20:6). (1 Cor.4:8).

Josephus tells us that Eliashib was High Priest when Ezra came to Jerusalem. He helped building the wall but later compromised by forming a marriage alliance with Tobiah (Neh.13:4)and gave Tobiah a room in the Temple precincts(Neh.13.5). One of his grandsons married Sanballat’s daughter.

Beware of Eliashibs.L ook like they are on board when they aren’t.

An enemy in the camp. Eliashib allowed Tobiah in Temple precincts. Note an arch enemy of Nehemiah was in the city Neh.13.7-8.

Beware of allowing the Devil a foothold.

Also do not be fooled by past performance. Just because Eliashib had worked for the Lord, doesn’t mean he was on board with the rest of God’s vision. We need to be wise as leaders.

Just by working for the Lord does not necessarily mean that we really are broken before God or that we will always walk in the Will of God. Only daily walking can ensure this. The test is the fruit of the Spirit- Gal.5:22 and 23.

It is the heart and not the work that God looks at. Remember how David was called a man after God’s own heart.1 Ki.3:6

2. Fidelity in the family

Fountain Gate v.15 - Shallun

Shallun was a descendant of Korah who served under David as chief gate keeper at the King’s gate at the sanctuary (1 Chr.9:17-19;Ezra 2:42)

Apparently this was an inherited position of some importance (Ezra 2:42 and Neh.7:45).

Note, often fidelity to God often runs through generations.

3. Men of God in control

Horse Gate v.28 - Priests.

It was the gates that controlled the city. Neh.7 1-4.

For the defence of the town, you needed trustworthy watchmen. See Ezekiel 33 on the importance of the watchman )eg Ez.33:1-6.)

The priests are the spiritual leaders of the city . There are exceptions (Eliashib for example). This is a reminder to us how ministry is an awesome responsibility.

Why do we have a list of builders in Nehemiah:

1. God is no man’s debtor.

1 Cor.3:8 : "The man who plants and the man who waters and each shall be rewarded according to his own labour"

2. A Foreshadowing in the OT of the book of life in th NT?

3. No man should be too proud for God’s Work Neh. 3:5 Note the negative comment on the nobles of Tekoa too proud.

4. Everyone can contribute in ministry. Note that Shallum son of Hallohesh repaired the section of the wall next to the Tower of Ovens with his DAUGHTERS.

Conclusion. With team work, the whole wall was finished in 52 days. Neh.6:15

2. Nehemiah took preventative measures to stop real attacks from enemy

In the euphoria of the work - be wise. Look what Nehemiah did

i) Resisted psychological attack.

- tried to destroy leader Neh 6:2

- tried to dishearten the people Neh. 6:9

- tried to dishearten the leader from within Jerusalem itself Neh.6:10-13.

ii) Resisted physical attack Neh. 4:13-18

Guards = prayers

Builders = high profile Christian workers.

c) Nehemiah succeeded in his project Neh.6:15

Wall finished in 52 days

Quickly and efficiently

Result: Enemy loses heart (Neh.6:16) & God’s Work accomplished (Neh. 6:15).

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