Summary: As christians serving a living God, we must be careful, that we fear the right one instead of the wrong ones

Read John 10:10

Going into a new faze and moving forward disarmingly to the carnal man, I can’t stop now. You can’t stop now. We can’t stop now because Jesus empowered us to move forward. The locality that I stand fast in not only as a life style but also as a posture is keeping me moving in everything good. The faith of Jesus Christ gives me the power to move into prayer, as I move into giving God the praises. You need it to give to you what is need. God has a designation for you; his appellation as the prince of life not only as a life-style in the homestead of our development but also in the posture that keeps us moving in everything good.

By living in the spirit, we are raised above the world either our feet is on “that packet of assorted miseries which we call a ship” or the water itself. Matthew talks about a ship in the midst of the sea, tossed with waves for the wind were contrary. Jesus loves us and wants us to know that he is the detour to everything and in everything and above everything that is. Jesus wants to turn your life around; he can fill you with his spirit and give you real life everlasting. Don’t substitute your chance to get this life in you by giving most of your time to something else in a world where evil prevails.

Apparently, Jesus has given both his life to whoever that call his name and trust in him day by day. That name rotates by the power of God. A name that is alive and doing well is what you want to connect with.

His name will keep us alive forever with patience on all the things you may not have the power over. To plunge out the carnal aspects of human life and get into the spirit life is a (proton reaction) of the law of parity mass spectrometry activated to split your world in half. You got work to do to stay free from worldly bondages. Your work is to study to show yourself approved unto God so you will know him that will make you free from everything else that is not the will of God for his life in you and driving you into his desire. Isolated by a body of land, and moving forward - believers are in it but they are not of the sandy banks.

Because of Jesus those who trust him are in heavenly places with the Lord forever.

You can’t let doubt surround your heart – Jesus comes into our soul and causes us to never get weary in well doing – we live to give the needy Jesus out of our heat that’s what Jesus is all about. Mercy and grace is what Jesus gives us to give back to the Father so we can have all that he wants for us. You don’t want to let your guard down too long. Jesus is your breast – plate of iron blocking the fiery dots – the wicked shoot out their mouth trying to kill you and to steal from you and to destroy you and your family with those generational curses. Jesus says, “I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd gives his life for the sheep.”

Our problem is separation – don’t you want to get to know him who you were separated from. You can get to know him and have a fulfilling life both Jesus has given us a choice and grace to live any way you choice, even if it’s without him. We are not born automatically to love and to obey him – all have sinned and fallen short of the holiness of God. We got to get our heart out the flesh and get it in the spirit – the lord is able to keep you in perfect peace with assurance on all that you’re over moving forward and looking to him for everything else. Choosing the Lord above everything else means having the same color eye Jesus has.

If one of your eyes is different from the Lord, it’s going to offend you. Did you know it is better for thee to enter into the kingdom of God with one eye than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire? Looking out the eyes of the Lord is a way of life – we see what Jesus is going to do in any given situation; we’re able to follow him while moving into the right choice each day going a little bit farther to carry out his purpose for our life.

Your purpose in life is to resist baser thoughts and actions that do not give glory to God. If you resist the devil he will flee eventually. Our purpose here on earth is to please and to reverence the Lord in spirit and in truth by the spirit that we bare. The devil has a black plastic bag filled with fruit on his back, and creeping through your neighborhood trying to sale that entire bag of fruit that he done stole from others. When someone takes something from you without your permission, that someone has been led into thief on the blessings of God in your individual life on Lord. The devil comes around for one purpose to steal and to kill and to destroy.

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