Summary: Worry seems to be at the center of most people's lives. We worry about every little thing under the sun, but Jesus tells us not to. Why? Because he's GOD!!


Do any of you ever worry about anything? I know that sounds like a stupid question but when I asked that something probably popped into your head. Right now I want you to think of the one thing you worry about most. Picture that thing in your head. It could be money, your job, your car, house, health, grades, anything. Now I want you to try and figure out why you worry about that thing so much. Does that worry consume your life? Is it all you think about?

I was a huge worrier in high school. I was constantly worried about football, girls, being cool, how I looked, what car I drove (which was dumb because I always had a piece of crap car), not so much grades though. Maybe I should have worked on that. The point is I was always worried about something. That was dumb. It wasn’t until I read Matthew 6:25-27 that I realized why it was so dumb. Jesus tells us not to worry, plain and simple. Don’t worry.

But according to Jesus, why should we not worry? That’s what I want to focus on.

What I want you to get out of this is one simple statement. God will provide for your needs because he loves you.

First off…

Don’t Worry About Your Needs:

In verse 25 Jesus says, “Therefore, I tell you, do not worry…” Worry means to “be anxious” or “be concerned.” Don’t let these things consume your thoughts and emotions. When you worry about something doesn’t it usually take over your entire life at that moment? Before a big game, before a big test, before a big date…you can’t think of anything else but that situation. Jesus says that’s wrong, don’t do it.

He immediately sets up two categories of need we are not to be anxious about.

1. The first one is our critical needs: Our life. Jesus says “do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink.”

a. This might seem a little insignificant to us, we tend to worry about when and how much we get to eat rather than IF we get to eat. Think about your personal situations now: stuff you have to worry about.

b. Am I going to be able to make ends meet? Will I be able to pay my car bill, phone bill, school bill, house payment, utilities? The stuff that hits you week in and week out. Will I be able to find a job? Will I be able to keep that job? Will I even pass my classes or will I be going home next semester?

2. The second category is the non-critical category: your body. Christ says; don’t worry about your body, what you will wear.

a. People put so much thought and effort into what they look like it’s embarrassing. Maybe that’s not you. But we all tend to focus our advancement in life. Our reputation, acquisition, moving ahead in life, getting that raise, that new car, that new house. Am I going to be recognized?

Then he asks a penetrating question: literally-"Is not life more important than food and the body more important than clothes? What is life all about anyway? Why are we even here? Shouldn’t THAT be what we’re concerned with?

Andy Stanley asked this in a sermon of his, “If someone were to follow you around for a week and listen in on all your conversations and have access to your checkbook and Visa statement, would he conclude that life for you is simply surviving and trying to look good in the process?” Is life about simply surviving and looking good in the process? Or is their something more?

Do the two categories mentioned consume your worry time? Do they consume your thoughts?

The funny thing is, while you’re trying to figure it out Jesus throws in his own perspective.

Look at the Birds:

Jesus says, “Look at the birds..” Really Jesus?! Seriously?! We’re having problems right now and you’re trying to be funny? What is that? You’ve got to be kidding me!

But, he’s not. Jesus is saying, “No really, think about the birds. They get their critical needs met daily and they don’t have to worry a bit.” OUR heavenly Father feeds them and takes care of them. They don’t have to “sow or reap or store away in barns.” OUR heavenly Father established their food cycle, their migration patterns. But aren’t we a little more important? He is OUR heavenly father. He’s just merely their creator. So why do we worry?

What has worrying ever got you? Has it ever contributed to your survival? Has it ever solved your problems? My mom always says that to me. “Worrying never solves anything.” Has it ever caused problems or made things worse?...YES!

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