Summary: Doing the right things does not make one right before God

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1) Who was Zacharias?

a) A descendant of Aaron (privileged, chosen)

b) A religious leader (a priest)

2) What do we know about him?

a) He was upright in the sight of God (lived a clean and pleasing life)

b) He kept the Commandments (kept all the rules)

c) He obeyed the regulations (he did the religion thing)

d) He was blameless (lived in perfect conduct)

3) What kind of opportunities did he have?

a) He was a priest (religious leader)

b) He burned incense (offered prayer on behalf of the people)

c) He had a praying church

d) Angels even appeared to him

4) In spite of all this, look at how he failed

a) He lacked faith to believe God could do something mighty

b) He was full of doubts and fears

c) He wanted a sign from God

5) What was his punishment?

a) He could not speak

b) He had to have some sense of embarrassment in front of his friends and family

6) Where are you in this story?

a) Do you play the game?

1) say the right words

2) do the right things

3) belong to the right groups

b) Are you loosing God in the temple?

c) Or, are you an inspiration to other leading them to God?

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