Summary: Consider the cause, course, curse of Lot’s Choice.

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Sermon Lots Choice Genesis 13:11

Consider the cause, course, curse of Lot’s Choice.

I. Its Cause

a. The chief element in determining his place in life was worldly advantage

b. A want of generosity – Selfishness; how mean to take that which was rightfully another’s and that a benefactor

c. Disregard if religious privileges. Had his heart been hot, he would not have ventured among the Sodomites; his aid may have been to convert them, but he came away without one convert.

II. Its Course

a. Downward – Earthward

b. Gradual

i. Lifted up his eyes – beheld v10

ii. Chose v11

iii. Dwelled…pitched his tent toward Sodom v13

III. Its Curse

a. He lost his friend Abraham

i. What a friend that must have been who is called the “Friend of God”

b. He lost his wealth

i. It was all consumed in Sodom and he was glad to escape even with his life

c. He lost his influence

i. With his neighbors

ii. With his family

d. He lost the presence of God

i. Only 2 of the 3 who visited Abraham, came to Lot, and they wanted to carry in the streets

e. He lost his honor; in his drunken revelry he lay with his own daughters and became the father of the Moabites and Ammonites


1. Behold the importance of choosing the right work the right residence, the right companions

2. Behold the importance of a personal knowledge of God

a. Lot Got his religion secondhand

b. He went with Abraham – Abraham followed God – Lot followed Abraham

3. Behold the best way to settle disputes

a. Let the other fellow have all. Is not the who land before thee?

4. Behold the best way to get rich – by yielding all

5. Behold the mercy of God – To save wayward ungodly Lot.

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