Summary: Exploring the joy of our new name.

Love Names

Rev 2:17 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it. KJV

Every couple has love names or pet names for each other. They vary with the couple. When my wife and I were first dating in ’69, she was my green eyed lady from the song of the same name and I was Iggy, which is short for ignorant in response to my sick humor. Now days, I have a couple for her like kutzi and pookanockaniki. Recently she started calling me squid ink. Hey, we want to be different. Anyone can be Sugar Babe, Snookums, and Sweet Cheeks. C];-)}|> The point is that these are our special names, which until now few people knew outside of our kids and us. They show our affection and the intimacy we have.

Jesus has a love name or pet name for each of us as well. He may well call me Iggy, also. Actually, I have no clue as to what He might call me. It is an awesome concept that Jesus has one for me. This shows the love He has for each of His children and the level of intimacy that He wants with each of them.

Can you imagine the pile of stones this must be? Every saint will get one for it is by our faith we overcome. (1 John 5:4,5) I believe that He has picked each stone up and thought about each child and then slowly carved that love name with a smile on His face picturing the look on our face when he gives it to us. Phew! Can someone shout about now?

Those who have several children have trouble keeping the names straight at times. My wife was one of three. Her parents often called her by her sister’s name and vice versa. They only had two daughters. Jesus has many brothers and sisters and yet there is no problem with names. Indeed, when we pray, I do not think He says, "Oh, there’s Billy Bob or Peggy Sue praying." I think He uses our love name. Thank Him that He does not use the names that that others call us or the ones we call ourselves. He loves us much more than we know!

Lovers also have special things that they share together and do not enjoy having others near or participating when they indulge. It might be a special song that they dance to or a place. They may share a craving for the same kind of ice cream or candy bar. When they want to spark some intimate conversation and prime time they get that treat or break out the candles for a dinner. Whatever it is, when one of them brings that item the other knows that a loving time is about to begin.

Jesus has hidden manna to share with us. The manna is mentioned first and we partake of that with Him before He gives us our stone and love name. Quite a few ladies have received a rock of love after a special dinner. Jesus is a romantic and He will share a special meal with Him and then receive the rock or stone that will be far more precious than the largest diamond in the world.

The love of Jesus is so strong that He shares this joy of intimacy to the Church of Pergamos where there are Balaamites and Nicolaitanes. The church name means thoroughly married and they appear to be thoroughly married to the World. Yet, Jesus offers them this intimacy and love if they will repent.

My Brothers and Sisters, how much of Pergamos is in us? We are the Bride of Christ if we are truly born again and yet we cling to the World as if we were married to it. We are bigamists in practice when we are to be chaste and committed to One. Let us repent that we might have intimacy now with the One with whom we will have such intimacy with in eternity!!! Lord, open our eyes to our vain pursuits for that which cannot satisfy!

My unsaved friend, you can partake of this intimacy also and receive a love name from Jesus. The path is the same for you as it is for carnal Christians. Repent! The word means to change your mind. Turn from your unbelief and self-sufficiency to faith in Christ. Come to Him for forgiveness and salvation. He died and rose again for you. He is waiting to share hidden manna with you. Won’t you come, dine, and receive love like you have never known? I hope you will.

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