Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: message 22 in our study of Colossians exploring the responsibility of husbands to love their wives.

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“Loving Husbands”


What does God want us to know through our study of this letter over the past several months?

First, Paul demonstrates an effective prayer life.

Paul exhibits Powerful prayer 1:3-12

Offers thanksgiving to the Father

Offers petitions to the Father

Second, Paul focused on God’s wonderful work on our behalf

Paul exalts God’s terrific transfer program 1:13-23

Rescued us from darkness

Transferred us in the Kingdom of Christ

Redeemed and forgave us our sin

Anointed a wonderful new king

Third, Paul demonstrates the core issues of a genuine ministry heart.

Paul explains his personal ministry 1:24-2:5

Heart of the Minister

Heart of the ministry

Christ indwells us

Christ unites us

Fourth, Paul focuses on the kind of walk every Christian should walk.

Paul encourages proper living based on proper thinking 2:6-4:6

Principle of our walk – as you received Christ, so walk in Him

Christ firmly rooted us in Him

Christ continually builds us up in Him

Christ constantly builds our faith in Him

Basis of our walk is the person and work of Christ

The Specifics of our walk 2:16-4:6

Paul addresses the foundational issues of the Christian life.

What is the main focus point of the Christian life?

Hold fast and focus on Christ not regulations and law!

What dictates my priorities and decisions?

Continually pursue the eternal!

What occupies my thinking?

Constantly contemplate the eternal!

How do I deal with the desires of the old flesh?

Decidedly put to death the old ways embedded in our members!

How do I relate to people? Body life

Consciously release the new desires of the Spirit!

How do I deal with turbulent times and troublesome people?

Let the peace of Christ umpire the heart!

What is my relationship to God’s word?

Let the Word of Christ richly dwell!

Teach and admonish one another with the truth of the Word!

What is my mission?

Let everything you do and say be done as representatives of Christ!

How am I to function in the family?

Wives be subject to husbands!

Husbands love their wives and don’t be embittered against them!

Children obey parents!

Fathers stop exasperating children!

How am I to function in the work place?

Employees work as if it Jesus was your boss!

Employers grant justice and fairness!

What is my responsibility regarding prayer?

Devote yourselves to prayer!

What is my responsibility to share Christ with the world?

Witness wisely and effectively!

Consider this a refresher course in Kingdom living. Every time we are challenged by the truth we have a responsibility to lay the pattern over our own life and look for any discrepancies. When we find areas not in line with the pattern left by Christ and taught in the Scriptures, we appeal to God. He alone can manifest His life in and through us. We must recognize our need and yield to His loving work in our life.

There are basically only three major passages addressed directly to husbands in the New Testament concerning their role and responsibility. There are many others regarding marriage and such but three basic passages directed to husbands in particular. I believe that the reason we do not have a great deal of detail concerning the role and responsibility of husbands is that these passages present the basic foundational building blocks for a great marriage. There are at least three basic principles regarding the role and responsibilities of the husband that from the framework for everything else. If we men practices just these three basic principles all the rest would fall into place.

Men, because of the fall and the resultant tendency toward selfishness, passivity and looking for the path of least resistance, we cannot rely on what comes naturally when it comes to marriage relationship. Our culture and the passive tendency of the flesh work against the voice of the Spirit who enables understanding and development in God designed role of husband. In the past several decades, the husband has taken an even more passive role in the marriage and family relationship.

God designed men as the initiator and women as responders. The original command concerning marriage was addressed to Adam. The man is to leave, cleave and develop oneness. Men complain about lack of response from their wives. Often that lack of response is because there has been nothing to respond to.

One writer makes a challenging observation.

“Any persistent disharmony or struggle in the marriage relationship after five years of marriage is usually attributable to the husband’s lack of genuine love.”

I realize that other factors enter into the equation, but if God designed women to respond then the focus of husband is to offer something for their wives to respond to. These are not my principles. These are commands that come from the designer and developer of marriage. We are accountable to God concerning these three things. They are not just good ideas or divine suggestions. These are divine non-negotiable instructions. We are responsible to hear and heed the word in regard to our role and responsibilities as husbands

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