Summary: When the traditions of Jerusalem became more important than what Jesus had to say, it's time for them to take a closer look at what is important.

JEREMIAH 35: 12-17

When you know who a person is, you’ll listen to them.

If you listen to a person, you might believe what they are saying, so Jesus represented what he was saying with signs and wonders. Listen, Jesus wants us to listen- to do this is what he wants Jerusalem to do. They inclined not their ear, nor hearkened unto him. Jerusalem had it going on by their duty to perform the commandment of their father Rechab who didn’t approve of drinking wine. Jesus wants to know what you are doing that’s more important than listening to the word of God.

Have a mind to understand the people of Jerusalem need this. Jesus says to them you’re more committed to keeping the commandments of men than you are at following my instruction. Jesus sent his word to them, but they’re not rising up early, and going after his commands as though they heard, and understood what the Lord is saying. Jesus likes, when we keep our word to each other, but he wants us to keep his word. Being a doer of his word proves that you’re listening to him.

People are not listening to Jesus because they cannot recognize his voice. He’s talking to the people of Jerusalem, telling them to “Return ye now every man from his evil way”

Jesus wants Jerusalem to amend their doing, and go not after other gods to serve them. Jesus was longsuffering with his jealousy over the people because they didn’t know who he was. It’s better not to know the will of God than to know the will of God and do not carry it out. Jesus brought evil against them for this. When Jesus preached in the temple people heard him, they had an ear to hear whatever Jesus said. Jesus is calling the people of Jerusalem; they need to answer him because the line is getting longer.

Rechab, a Pharisee who doesn’t approve of drinking wine, his family obeys his commandment even unto this very day. How many people you know don’t approve of drinking wine? They have been taught to think that it’s wrong. I can assure you by the faith of Jesus Christ it is not wrong to drank wine. It’s not wrong at all! Jesus proved this to us by drinking wine. Jesus wants the family of Rechab to understand that the earth is the lords and the fullness thereof.

It’s about obeying God. God wants to see if you trust him with what you already have. If you have favor with the people in your neighborhood, Jesus wants to be the one that show you how to operate for the good of this favor. “Believe on the Lord Jesus and thou shall be saved” Jerusalem has gotten so cold it’s hard to tell who’s in the dark if they’re not standing close to the burning barrel. When he Jesus comes around, invite his visitation into your next step ahead.

Speak what God wants you to speak; Jesus is “Hot” at doing this. Notice how he came to Jeremiah. Jesus describes himself as who is speaking: Jesus says “Thus saith the Lord of hosts, this is who Jesus has always been. Jesus identifies himself as The Lord of hosts; he tells Jeremiah to go and tell the men of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem that the Lord has a question for them. Jesus asks them “Determine ye not to receive instructions to hearken to my words”

Jesus demonstrates power, and he sends his word.

The word of the Lord

Be resolved to obey him, you must face the change the total commitment. And I’m not taking about sustaining from wine. Rechab, a Pharisee doesn’t approve of drinking wine. His family obeys his commandment even until this very day. How many people you know, those don’t approve of drinking wine? People that don’t drink wine, they believe it is not pure are taught to believe that way. Are you committed to following Rechab more than you are at following Jesus and his teachings?

Jesus wants Rechab to understand that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. What are you committed to doing regularly that has been passed down to from your parents. When I was growing up my grandma believed that weeping dust out the door was bad luck. I followed her belief for a long time, but when I heard the teachings of Jesus. I was not bound by those sayings any more.

Maybe you’ve been bound by sayings and you really are committed to keeping them. Yes, you can impress God by showing how committed you can be. How committed are you at hearing and hearkening onto what Jesus has been saying all the while? Jesus is ready to change your life around.

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Darren T. Sirmans

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