Summary: "Why doesn’t anything change in my home?"


Allelujah, how many servants do we have in the house today? I said, “How many servants do we have in the house today?” All right, sit down! Ha, now let’s get started. We’re going to see how many servants we do have in the house. Praise the Lord. In life we should serve in order to be served; how many of you agree? In fact, we have to serve in order to be served. A principle was a student before he became a principle. A pastor was a member of a church congregation before he became a pastor. A teacher had to put up with scoring, and paperwork, and raising his or her flag to ask a yes or no question before he or she became a teacher. In other words, we all need to serve in order to be served. We should always have opened doors so that the doors will be opened to us,

when the time comes, in our favor. Back in Kansas, home of the hillbillies and good men with big stomachs and short ties, there was a church. Oh, let’s just call it Trinity Worship Center. Well we all know that when Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas come around,

churches get full. Most of the time, if not all the time, it’s because there is food. Some pastors even call them “dollar days” because that’s basically what a lot of people give in the offerings: a dollar. That’s in Mexico, though, not here. Well, that day in particular, the church was packed, kind of like this place here where all the time the Lord just keeps on bringing new souls into his temple because of what He is doing here, and it just so happened to be Easter Sunday in that Kansas Church. Everyone had come with a spirit of expectancy, just expecting something phenomenal to happen and boy, did it happen. I’m not going to mention any names, but Pastor Kane had prepared an anointed sermon like he always does. You know, those that take hours and hours to finish? He had also gotten a new Armani suit that Pastor Debbie, his wife, had just gotten for him. She had fixed him up with this new poochie thing; one of those squiggly thingies you put in the front pocket of the coat that never stays in place. Well, anyway, Pastor had his sermon ready. Right before he went up on stage, the choir was doing a special. Then, out of nowhere, there started a leak. Yeah, a leak right on the stage and you can imagine how the choir was responding because it was right over them. What had happened was that the condensation pans had overfilled and the water just began to flow out of them, through the ceiling. Some thought it was the river of Life, but when they saw it was kind of dirty, they began to think differently. The choir started complaining to themselves and finally, one of the choir ladies found her man out in the front of the congregation and shouted, “Glenn, take care of that!” This man that should remain nameless just got off his seat and stormed out of there and on his way out, got another heroic man to help him. The congregation found out who the head of that household was. Well, there they went, up the stairs, to the attic of the sanctuary and everyone could hear the footsteps up there. Pastor knew what was going on and all he thought was that they should of turned off the air conditioning units and care for it later, but no... They had to be heroes. Well, Glenn, decided to please his wife, ended up trying to fix the leak, but out of nowhere what everyone feared happening happened. Glenn came down through the ceiling! All you could see were his legs hanging down from the ceiling and the people were all in awe. He was holding on to some 2 x 4’s and suddenly, just like screeching thunder, came a horrendous sound. From the back, beyond the sanctuary, you heard an old woman calling out, “Glenn!!!” Man, this woman scared the living heaven out of them. After Pastor told us what he was feeling and thinking during this whole thing he said she must have recognized him because of his really long legs. Then, to top it off, the other man, Mr. Him, asked in a pretty loud voice, “Can you see anybody?” Glenn responded, “I can see the choir.” See, it didn’t matter what the people in the congregation thought about them. It didn’t matter how funny the church service would look on television. They were determined to help. In fact, they didn’t even care how ridiculous they looked. They just

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