Summary: How does a Genuine Christian live. What does one look like? This sermon attempts to answer those questions

Hebrews 13:1-6

Marks of a Genuine Christian


1. When I was younger I worked at Boggies, We watched Golf Videos All Day long, I knew how to do everything they said, however I never did it, useless

2. Speaking of Useless everything that we have been learning In Hebrews is useless if it is not put it action.

3. This is section moves past telling you what you are suppose to do and tells you how to do it.

4. I have Five marks of a Genuine Christian

I. Compassion 1-2

a. Explanation

i. Keep loving our brothers

1. You would think that would refer to a “Godly love”

2. This is talking about a love of affection sympathy kindness – You know compassion

3. The Greek work funny enough is Philadelphia,

a. Coming from Phileo for love

b. Adelphos meaning brother

ii. Vs 2. Entertaining Strangers

1. The Hotels back then were filled with fleas, cockroaches, and spiders…

2. However, worse then that they were also known as places of prostitution

3. The early Christian did not want to stay at one for fear of what people might think and to keep himself from evil

4. Therefore, a common practice as a Christian would be out of compassion to open your house to a Christian traveler.

b. Application

i. We like to think that this idea of compassion is just something that is good to do

ii. It is commanded! God requires it!

iii. Doesn’t it bother you that the missionaries are getting their salary cut?

iv. Doesn’t it bother you that there are people starving

v. Doesn’t it bother you that people are dying everyday and go to hell?

vi. Where is the compassion?

vii. Are we just going to sit on our pews and say amen thank you Jesus and never do anything about it?

viii. When you are at work, what about you coworkers that are going through a tough time and do not know God? Where is the compassion?

c. Illustration

i. There was a guy who wife delivered medical needs to a people who could not get out of their house. This one ladies house was a disaster so she got her husband involved…

II. Conflict (3)

a. Explanation

i. Guess what? There is going to be conflict sometimes in the Christian life.

ii. The writer of Hebrews is telling us to remember those in jail who are being mistreated

iii. But not only that he wants you to feel there pain, “As if you yourselves were suffering”

b. Application

i. You know what? We have been fed over and over again the word tolerance

ii. As Christian we have to be willing to call sin sin, right right, wrong wrong

iii. We do have absolutes

iv. Jesus came to earth and died for our sins, if we ask Him and Him only to save us, he will. If we don’t we will go to hell

v. Yes when you start saying that some people will get upset

vi. But that is the conflict that we need

c. Illustration

i. Yesterday at Global Impact, The people who were trying to witness to someone and the choice comments that person made.

III. Commitment 4

a. Explanation

i. Marriage is commitment

ii. You can not have a marriage without full commitment it will not work

iii. The author here is telling us that God will judge you for messing up marriage

b. Application

i. We do not like commitment these days

ii. We just want to come when we can

iii. Do what we want when we want

iv. However, God Requires commitment

v. This is not an option

vi. We need that commitment

vii. Let Your Yes be Yes and Your NO be NO!

c. Illustration

i. Black Lawyer who graduated top of the class from Hartford. Could have had any job he wanted basically. Instead he returned to his home in Louisianan and was a public defender because of his commitment.

IV. Contentment

a. Explanation

i. God it telling us that he will take care of things

ii. The author tells us that to keep our live free from the love of money

1. quick reminder hate is not the opposite of love. So you can not tell me that you just hate money

iii. The author is talking about the love of money were your focus switches from God to Money

b. Application

i. Yes we need to be good Stewarts of our God given money. But we can not let that control our lives

ii. We need to be content with what we have

iii. There is no one here that not have everything they need it they have Jesus

iv. When is the last time you prayed and instead of asking God for something you thank him for what you have?

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