Summary: God’s view of divorce and his ideal for marriage. The beginning of a series giving God’s guidlines for becoming one flesh within marriage.

Becoming One Flesh

Part 1, Commitment.

May 20th

Matthew 19:1-9; Malachi 2:10; 13-16.

My sermon today is about marriage and divorce. This is always a very difficult subject because there is so much pain involved for those who have suffered divorce. In fact, the last time I preached on divorce it was 1998, four years ago.

My purpose is not to make those who have been divorced feel guilty. Divorce is a forgiveable sin and there are instances in which divorce is allowed Biblically. Adultery,atheism, and physical abuse are grounds for divorce Biblically. I do not want those of

you who have suffered the pain of divorce to feel attacked or picked on today. Too often when people suffer a divorce they leave church because they feel guilty or are made to feel unwelcome. I hope that is not the case today. The church must walk a fine line

between helping those who are hurting and yet taking a stand on this problem

My purpose is to present God’s view of divorce and marriage in an attempt to help those who are already married to stay that way. If you have been divorced, please do not feel unwelcome or attacked. Divorce is a sin but it is no worse a sin than what

others commit.

Now, that having been said, divorce is wrong and there is far too much of it. We as Christians must take a stand against it and in favor of marriage.

Divorce in America

In 1993 2.3 millions couples married and 1.3 million couples divorced.

In 1993 the Bureau of the Census projected that 4 of 10 first marriages will end in divorce.

People between the ages of 25 to 39 make up 60% of all divorces.

Over one million children are affected by divorce each year.

70% of all children born in 1980 will spend some time of their childhood in a single parent family.

75% of women and 80% of men remarry within 5 years after divorce.

Second marriages are at greater risk of ending in divorce that first marriages.

More people are part of second marriages today than first marriages.

God has some very strict teachings on marriage. He meant it to be the most intimate relationship we have on earth, even more intimate than that which we have with our parents.

We need to be making every effort to make our marriages strong.

Today and next Sunday we are going to look at some of the scriptures which deal with marriage and divorce in order to see what God’s ideal for us is.

Today we’re going to look at divorce and marriage. Next week we’re going to look at how we can communicate with each other in marriage to make those relationships sound.


Today we’re going to see three things: God forbids divorce because it is a broken covenant; God forbids divorce because it is so damaging to families; and we’re going to see that God wants us to be "one flesh" with our mates.

I. God forbids divorce because it is a violation of a covenant we have made with him.

A. When we were married it was in the name of the Father, the Son, and the

Holy Spirit.

1. We took an oath before God to stay married to our mates.

2. We made a contract with God that is inviolable.

3. When we breach a contract today we suffer punishment.

4. When we breach contract with God we also suffer punishment.

B. God hates divorce. Malachi 2:10; 13-16.

1. Hate is a strong word.

2. These people were divorcing for no reason at all. They were breaking

covenant with God and God hated it.

3. God detests divorce.

4. These people’s prayers and sacrifices were being hindered because

they were breaking their covenant with God.

a. God was not listening to them because of their divorces.

b. Part of his discipline was not heeding their sacrifices, not

accepting their offerings for forgiveness because they were

not living up to their responsibilities.

C. Jesus teaching on divorce. Matthew 19:1-9

1. The no-fault divorce laws that every state in the union has make divorce

easy to get. There doesn’t have to be a reason, just unreconcileable


2. The Jews had such a law.

a. It was possible to get a divorce in Biblical times if a wife did

anything to displease her husband.

b. The law of Moses stated that a man could divorce her husband

if she displeased him. Dt 24:1-4.

c. Liberal Jews said that this meant a man could divorce a woman

for anything, even burning his breakfast.

3. Jesus condemns this belief in Matthew. He says that Moses didn’t imply

a man could divorce for no reason. He says that marriage is an

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