Summary: This survey is given to allow you to evaluate your knowledge and understanding regarding the marriage, divorce and remarriage question. This survey answers the question: Does divorce for the "exception" or for any reason; keep a person from becoming a member, of the Kingdom of God?

Instruction: After reading the scriptures, answer the questions for consideration. Select a “Yes” or “No” for each of the 25 questions. This survey has a 50% failure rate by participants, that attend the Leadership Training Seminar (LTS). You might want to learn WHY! Let's all grow in grace and knowledge, 2 Peter 3:18.

# Scriptures Questions for Consideration

1 Matthew 5:32: In this verse Jesus forbids divorce or the “putting away” of one’s wife or husband for “any cause?” Y N

2 One can divorce his/her spouse for “infidelity or fornication” according to Jesus in this text? Y N

3 If either party obeys the gospel, this text requires them to “return or go back” to their former spouse? Y N

4 Matthew 19:9: Jesus grants an “exception” for divorce and remarriage, that being “fornication” or infidelity in this text? Y N

5 Is the marriage contract “broken” if one “puts away his/her spouse” for the exception Jesus grants? Y N

6 The “nonguilty party” is permitted to remarry, if divorced is granted for this “exception?” Y N

7 The “guilty party” is not permitted to remarry, if divorced or “put away” for this exception? Y N

8 The “marriage bond” or contract is broken between parties when divorce is granted for this exception? Y N

9 John 4:17-18: Jesus recognized the “woman at the well” in this text as having five (5) husbands? Y N

10 Jesus acknowledges that the woman in this text was presently divorced and living with a man? Y N

11 If a woman with a similar condition today obeys the gospel, could she be a member of the kingdom of God? Y N

12 Would this woman be required to “return to her first husband” after baptism? Y N

13 Romans 7:1-3: Paul say a “woman is bound to the ‘marriage bond’ or contract as long as her husband liveth?” Y N

14 If a woman marries another man while her husband is alive, she shall be called an “adulteress?” Y N

15 According to Paul, “death” annuls or breaks the “marriage bond” or contract? Y N

16 If a woman’s husband be dead, she is freed from the “marriage bond” and permitted to remarry? Y N

17 1 Corinthians 7:39: If a sister’s husband be dead she is at “liberty to marry whom she wishes?” Y N

18 1 Corinthians 7:10-11: If a woman “departs from her husband” she must, “remain unmarried or be reconciled to him?” Y N

19 Paul speaks of “separation” and not “divorce” in this text? Y N

20 The text allows for one to be separated from their spouse, but forbids them to seek a divorce? Y N

21 1 Corinthians 7:13-15: If an unbeliever “departs” or leaves their spouse, the believer is “not under bondage in such case?” Y N

22 The “bondage” to which this text speaks of, is the “marriage bond” or contract? Y N

23 Does the “unbeliever’s departing” annul or break the “marriage bond” or contract? Y N

24 Is the unbeliever (the one which departs) in this text, still bound by the “marriage bond” or contract? Y N

25 Is the believing wife in this text, loosed from the “marriage bond” or contract and free to remarry? Y N

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Ron Freeman, Evangelist

commented on Jan 14, 2019

This survey will challenge your love for Christ, the truth and compassion for souls! Many have failed this survey because of their biasness, anger, hurt and their need to punish their former spouses, for their infidelity.

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