Summary: A short meditation at the end of or presentation "From Prophesy to Fulfilment".

1. We have heard about the one who was born

- how the prophets foretold his coming

- how the cradle leads to the cross

- we prepare to light our candles to remember that X is God’s light

to us

2. At end of Luke 2 the events of Chrit’s birth are complete

- Christ is born, the angels and the shepherds had come and were going

- it is the end of this day which the world wouldnever see again

- the Saviour had been born

- God came into our world

3.How did the people respond to what had happened?

- to what they had seen and heard?

- how do you respond to what you have seen and heard this evening?

4. There were those who heard what had happened from the shepherds

- they were amazed and overwhelmed at what they were told

- this was exciting - never had such a thing happened

- but as we know there excitement was short-lived

- like those who get caught up in the celebration of Christmas and all that surrounds it

- but after it is over, the lights and the trees are taken down and forgotten about until next year

- will you do the same with what you have heard and seen?

- will it soon be forgotten?

5. On the other hand the shepherds returned - glorifying God for all He had done

- God had fulfilled His promise and they shared that with those they came back to

6. Then there was Mary.

- tired and exhausted from the trip and from the birth

- and yet filled with wonder and awe

- Luke contrasts her reaction with that of the hearer who were amazed and overwhelmed

- vs. 19 begins with "on the other hand"

7. Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.

- she had more to think about than the others

- how Gabriel had come to her

- what the shepherds had told her and what the angels had sung

- she understood what it meant and yet she didn’t - could anyone

- and she had her baby at her side - the one who she would nurture

- and yet He did not belong to her - He belonged to his father God

8. And so she mulled over in her mind what happened and she held on to these things as a great treasure.

- there was a depth to them that she needed to process

9. We have heard the story many times.

- take it in again and think about what it means

- treasure it and hold on to it

- what has this child, this babe to do with you?

- do you receive Him as God Himself who came to save you?

- do you seek to know Him more?

- do you want to worship Him?

10. Oh, don’t give me an answer.

- just treasure up these thing and think about them

- not just today - but tomorrow and tomorrow and each day of your life

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