Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: 3rd in series "Miracles in Matthew." Looks at whay we doubt the Lord in crises and why we don’t need to doubt.


1. A storm at sea. There is nothing else that so vividly potrays a picture of helplessness. A tiny boat on the open water tossed by the waves, defenseless.

2. It makes a perfect metaphor for the difficulties that we all face in life--situations beyond our control, unpredictable, threatening.

3. The story we read today was about a real storm but the application to the storms of our lives is fairly simple to make. the main lesson that is being taught in this passage of Scripture is that...

Proposition: In times of Storm it is good to know that we can count on Jesus

Interrogative: But if we are going to trust fully in Him we need to know where doubts arise

Transition: The disciples in our text today give us a fine example of doubt. And from their performance we can clearly see the three Doubts that each of us experience during the storms of Life. The first is the Lord’s

(His) Conciousness

vv. 24-25 Without warning, a furious storm came up on the lake, so that the waves swept over the boat. But Jesus was sleeping. The disciples went and woke him, saying, "Lord, save us! We’re going to drown!"

How often during the storms of your life have you wondered if Jesus was sleeping? How often has it seemed that the storm has caught Him as unaware as you?

Now here’s a thought for you. If Jesus had forewaqrned the disciples of the furious storm that lay ahead, do you suppose they would have been willing to get in the boat?

What about you? As you have followedf Jesus, if he would have told you about the rough spots you were going to hit, don’t you suppose that you might have chickened out before the journey began?

Jesus had a mission for Himself and His followers on the other side of the sea that night--storm or no storm. And he also had something for them to lean in the middle of the storm itself. That doesn’t mean that He didn’t see it coming.

Nor, is he suprised by the difficulties you face in your life. Nothing you face is gonna shock Him off the throne. I can gaurantee you that Jesus has never turned to the Father and said "Did you see that--I can’t believe that Just happened."

Yet how often do we think that the storms of our life are evidence that Jesus has forgotten about us--asleep in the stern.

ILLUSTRATION: Roger Simms, hitchhiking his way home, would never forget the date--May 7. His heavy suitcase made Roger tired. He was anxious to take off his army uniform once and for all. Flashing the hitchhiking sign to the oncoming car, he lost hope when he saw it was a black, sleek, new Cadillac. To his surprise the car stopped. The passenger door opened. He ran toward the car, tossed his suitcase in the back, and thanked the handsome, well- dressed mas as he slid into the front seat. "Going home for keeps?" "Sure am," Roger responded. "Well, you’re in luck if you’re going to Chicago." "Not quite that far. Do you live in Chicago?" "I have a business there. My name is Hanover." After talking about many things, Roger, a Christian, felt a compulsion to witness to this fiftyish, apparently successful businessman about Christ. But he kept putting it off, till he realized he was just thirty minutes from his home. It was now or never. So, Roger cleared his throat, "Mr. Hanover, I would like to talk to you about something very important." He then proceeded to explain the way of salvation, ultimately asking Mr. Hanover if he would like to receive Christ as his Savior. To Roger’s astonishment the Cadillac pulled over to the side of the road. Roger thought he was going to be ejected from the car. But the businessman bowed his head and received Christ, then thanked Roger. "This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me." Five years went by, Roger married, had a two-year-old boy, and a business of his own. Packing his suitcawse for a business trip to Chicago, he found the small, white business card Hanover had given him five years before. In Chicago he looked up Hanover Enterprises. A receptionist told him it was impossible to see Mr. Hanover, but he could see Mrs. Hanover. A little confused as to what was going on, he was ushered into a lovely office and found himself facing a keen-eyed woman in her fifties. She extended her hand. "You knew my husband?" Roger told how her husband had given him a ride when hitchhiking home after the war. "Can you tell me when that was?" "It was May 7, five years ago, the day I was discharged from the army." "Anything special about that day?" Roger hesitated. Should he mention giving his witness? Since he had come so far, he might as well take the plunge. "Mrs. Hanover, I explained the gospel. He pulled over to the side of the road and wept against the steering wheel. He gave his life to Christ that day." Explosive sobs shook her body. Geting a grip on herself, she sobbed, "I had prayed for my husband’s salvation for years. I believed God would save him." "Where is your husband, Mrs Hanover?" said Roger,"He’s dead," she wept, "He was in a a car crash after he let you out of the car. He never got home. You see--I thought God had not kept His promise." Sobbing uncontrollably, she added, "I stopped living for God five years ago because I thought He had not kept His word!"

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