Summary: We Praise & Worship Because: 1. Of Who He Is 2. Of What He Has Done 3. Of Who We Are 4. It Brings Honor To Him 5. Of What He Is Like

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- This is how the world Praises Jesus

- Promote unbelief

- Lost Gospel – New Book

- CTV - Jesus and Mary Magdalene were a "divine couple" that was married with two sons

- ABC’s World News Tonight anchor David Muir on Wednesday (11/12/14) night, promoted a new book "The Lost Gospel"

- ABC News chief foreign correspondent Terry Moran continued “astonishing and, to many, a blasphemous claim”

- CNN -- The question of whether or not Jesus had a wife is back again.

- NBC's TODAY “Absolutely fascinating. Many would argue the biggest story or one of the biggest stories of our lifetime.”

- UNIVISION Tuesday night (11/11/14), the Spanish-language broadcaster offered a favorable story on the book

- Authors Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson

- The Lost Tomb of Jesus (2007)

- Book Claims Jesus Married Mary Magdalene, Had 2 Children

- Based on manuscript found in British Library dating back 1,450 years

- The key: Every time the text says “Joseph,” they replace it with “Jesus.” Every time the text says “Aseneth,” they replace it with “Mary Magdalene.”

That’s right: Nowhere in this ancient text does the word "Jesus" appear. Or the words "Mary Magdalene."

- The two authors say it reveals that Jesus, far from being a lowly carpenter’s son hailing from the tiny town of Nazareth,

- Instead -- a powerful political figure

- At the highest levels of the Roman Empire.

- Years before the crucifixion, they say, there was a plot to kill him, rape Mary Magdalene, and slaughter their kids.

About Mary Magdalene Jacobovici said today.

- “Not only is he married -- but [the manuscript] celebrates his sexuality.

- She, his wife, is not just Mrs. Jesus

- She’s actually a goddess.

- He’s the son of God, she’s the daughter of God.

- Remove hope & purpose with false claims

- The medias desire is to eradicate truth

- Does this inspire & encourage you?

May Jesus Christ Be Praised

Psalm 69:34 (AV) - Let the heaven and earth praise him, the seas, and every thing that moveth therein

- This song reminds us what Christ has done

- We have a reason to praise & worship

- Translated by Edward Caswell (1814-1878

- First called "When Morning Gilds the Skies" was originally 28 stanzas, but most hymnals today include only four.

- The author of this hymn is an unknown German

- The hymn was translated from German into English

- Was so free a translation that it is practically a new hymn.

- The hymn is said to be a great favorite in St. Paul’s Cathedral, London,

- Caswell was the son of an Anglican clergyman born in England

- He was ordained as an Anglican.

- He converted to Catholicism in 1847, prior to translating this hymn in 1854.

- Caswell translated a number of hymns from Latin into English

- His best known being "Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee."

- This hymn celebrates more than natural wonders.

- It calls us to praise God whether we are at work or at prayer

- Whether in the night or the day

– Even when faced with the powers of darkness,

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