Summary: We have allowed a lot of precious people to fall through the crack, causing personal injury or spiritual death.

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6-17-2008 Vacation Bible School

Lesson: Mephibosheth and God-like Kindness

David makes an inquiry: (in chapter 9)

- of the ruined house of King Saul (sin and misconduct ruin)

- disobedience ruins lives/wrecks homes

- This was a great while after David assumed the throne

- Mephibosheth was 5 at the time of his accident

- His nurse dropped him while fleeing to safety, (when King Saul died)

- That left him crippled

- He is now grown, and has his own family (has a son)

- David made vows to Jonathan (his father) a long long time ago

- Here his memory is jarred

- and he remembers those promises

- sometimes we need to shake ourselves

- to remember just in case we have left promises unfulfilled

- Acts 13:6 Paul reminiscing about David:

“that he served his generation according to the will of God”

- Meaning: he was a good man, that made it his business to do good

- In this story of Mephibosheth, David sought opportunity to do good.

- David asked a person a question,

- that he was sure would be apt to know the answer

- The question: “Is there any yet left of the house of Saul, that I might show him kindness? (in another verse he says “the kindness of God”).

- He would show kindness for Jonathans sake

- Saul had a very large family 1 Chron 8:33

- Large enough to replenish a large community

- Disobedience/sin can empty full families

- God visited the iniquity of Saul upon his household

- But David would not (instead he spared)

Saul was David’s sworn enemy

- Yet David would show kindness to his house

- David had forgiven Saul, of his vile deeds towards him

- Thus the verse “vengeance is mine saith the Lord, I will repay”.

- When we bless instead of curse, this is how we overcome evil.

- And find mercy for ourselves

Jonathan was David’s sworn friend

- just as God is faithful to us

- Let us be faithful to each other

- When Mephibosheth meets David, he bows

- Mephibosheth’s.0 request to David:

1 Sam 20: 14 & 15 “show me the kindness of the Lord so I don’t have to die.”

- He continues the request: “and the same to my seed”.

- “Gods kindness is more, than we can normally expect from men”.

- Ziba was an old acquaintance of Saul

- A man in the know

Mephibosheth lived in obscurity

- hidden away Living with a kind man named Machir

- who had taken him in

- probably from his mothers or fathers influence

- however, probably forgotten, as a dead man

David sent for Jonathan’s son, to be delivered with speed

- Machir had taken him in

- David reimburses Machir for his trouble and kindness

Proverbs teaches “he who waters, shall be watered himself” (Prov 11:25)

Mephibosheth had been trained (influenced) by his father Jonathan

- it shows as he reverences King David

- as lame as he was, he fell on his face

- and he does homage to King David (the highest respect)

History teaches that when Jonathan was next to his father Saul near the throne

- that David bowed before Jonathan 3 times

- 1 Sam 20:41 verifies it as a fact)

- Now Mephibosheth, returns the honors

David receives him with all kindness

- the long trip over, to see the King

- probably caused Mephibosheth’s heart to almost fail

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