Summary: Being a godly Christian father and husband is the highest calling God has for a man in this world. All other roles are of lesser importance or superfluous. It is far more important that a man leave behind a legacy of children and grandchildren who know C

Cornerstone Church

June 20 2010


Deuteronomy 6:1-2

Burmese Fishermen drift for 25 days in icebox after boat sinks

Published: 19 Jan 2009

“Two men who drifted for 25 days in a large icebox in shark-infested waters were rescued by the Australian Coast Guard after a chance sighting.

The two Burmese men were saved after drifting hundreds of miles in the red box when crew members patrolling in a Coastwatch aeroplane on Saturday saw them desperately waving their bright shirts. Coastwatch pilots circled the men as they floated in the Torres Strait, between Australia and Indonesia, and called in a helicopter that winched them to safety.

It is believe the men survived by drinking rain water and eating the remains of fish regurgitated by sea birds in the bath tub-sized ice box, which is normally used for storing fish. They had no life jackets and no means of communication.

They were the only 2 of the 20 on board that survived.

Boaters missing for a week rescued at sea

Men are found sitting atop their capsized catamaran 180 miles from land

The Associated Press

updated 3:01 p.m. PT, Sun., Aug 30, 2009

“PORT ARANSAS, Texas - Three Texas boaters missing for a week were reunited with their families early Sunday after they were found alive, sitting on top of their capsized catamaran 180 miles from land, the Coast Guard said.

The Coast Guard officials said they survived because they stuck with the boat. The men also rationed bubble gum and crackers and used a hose to suck fresh water out of the internal "washdown" tank. Fishermen often keep such a tank to wash fish slime off their boat when they are out in the salt water.”

The two illustrations show just how quickly we can get ourselves into trouble.

In each case they were adrift in the vastness of the ocean.

They were without an anchor to keep them from drifting.

Recues like these instill hope within our hearts.

Triumph in the midst of tragedy!



Dennis Rodman

Howard Stern

“Dennis Rodman and Howard Stern have a lot in common.

• They are both famous.

• They are both rich.

• They are both profane.

• They are both rebellious.

• They are both rude.

• They are both national role models.

• They both appear in public dressed as women.”

Steve Farrar, Anchor Man, pg. 1


Dr. James Dobson

Dr. John MacArthur

The difference in each of these men’s life was made by their father.

Dennis Rodman hasn’t seen his father for over thirty years. Over the years Philander Rodman has fathered 27 children. His life’s goal: “I’m shooting for 30.”

Newsweek, pg. 25, 9 September 1996

Shock Jock Howard Stern gives a similar testimony:

“I will never have a lot of self-esteem. I don’t feel very good about myself…I still have an inferiority complex. The way I was raised my father was always telling me I was a piece of [explicative]. I think I’ll go to my grave not feeling very positive about myself or that I’m very very special. My mother use to tell me how special I was. Every time I hear my mother’s voice going, ‘you are the most special little boy in the world,’ I hear my father going, ‘ you [explicative, explicative], you are nothing but a piece of [explicative].”

Interview with Howard Stern – Rolling Stone Magazine, 10 February 1994

Men like Dr. James Dobson and Dr. MacArthur are blessed because of the godly role of their fathers.

I’m sure that many of you could or would also give a testimony this morning as to the role your father had in your life!

“DRIFTING FAMILIES” is the term that Dr. Steve Fararr has given for families that are in trouble.

“A ‘Drifting Family’ is a family without an anchor. The father is the anchor of the family. And when fathers leave or when fathers continually degrade their wives and children, the family begins to drift. When a family begins to drift because it has lost its anchor, it can quickly begin to produce children who are insecure, self-conscious, emotionally starved, and without a moral compass.”

Steve Fararr, Anchor Man, pg 3

Families are adrift in America

Society is adrift in America

devoid a moral compass

When the cradle of the family falls in America there will be no prosthesis that will keep all of society from coming apart.

“If we stay on the current course, one day the United States will be known as the country of the founding fathers…with no fathers to be found.”

Dr. Wade Horn quoted by Steve Fararr, Anchor Man, pg 23

“…Our very survival as a people will depend on the presence or absence of masculine leadership

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