Summary: There are giants in the land, Will you be a David and slay them as is your calling as a warrior?

Heard an awesome message today by Robert Kennedy, pastor of Mustang Creek Community Church in Forney, TX. I would strongly urge you to visit if you are in the area. This brother can preach. I am hoping they will make it available on CD or YouTube. I will only give the three points and what they spoke to me. When you are called of God there will be obstacles in walking in your anointing.

I. Your brothers will tell you that you are not the man. 1 Sam 17:28,29

David’s brother most likely had a attitude because he was passed over and David was anointed to be king by Samuel. Thus without knowing his father had sent David, he accused him of false motives, It is often those who should be supporting you that are the ones who disparage you, question your calling and may even stab you in the back to discourage you from fulfilling your calling. I remember doing some neighborhood evangelism where the Baptist that opened the door blew cigar smoke in my face and said as far as he was concerned it was the only Baptist church in town. Several doors down the street a Catholic invited my wife in, served us ice tea and was happy that we were out trying to get people to come to church. That was quite a reverse of what you might have thought was the normal.

Sometimes it is jealousy or fear that causes it. The pastor that ordained me thought I was out to take the church from him. I was young enough in ministry and the Lord to not to see his angst when people came to talk to me because my personality differed from his. I was only doing ministry and had not inclinations of seeking to unseat him.

Because the people did not understand after I was ordained that it was a problem to call me pastor. I had to remind them that I was a deacon ordained so I could be a pastor somewhere, but there was not such thing as a Pastor-Deacon so just call me Ron. They were trying to be respectful, but it seemed to eat his lunch. It got so bad that I did have to leave and even two years after I left I had a deacon come and ask me if I was trying to destroy the church though I had no contact with anyone from that church in those two years. If there was trouble it was not because of me.

II. The King will tell you that you cannot do it. 1 Sam 17:32,33

King can be represented as the powers that be. Anyone who has sought a pastoral or other place of ministry knows you have to face deacons or pulpit committees. I never understood what Duke University’s team name was the Demon Deacons until I met a few folks that seemed to have some of the qualification. Often it is a Goldilocks and the Three Bears story. You are too young, too old, too bold, not bold enough, wrong college, not enough college, too much college, wrong version of the Bible. too separated, not separated enough, too deep. too shallow or too fat and I suspect too skinny.

Trying to find that just right position from a human perspective can be very harrowing and seem to be an impossible task. It is no wonder so many pastors quit each month because even after you find what you believe is the place God wants you there are still folks who will criticize everything you do telling you that you are not the man or you cannot do the job.

III. The giant enemy will say, “Are you serious? 1 Sam 17:42,43

Many people are frozen in their ministry or fear to enter into one because the devil will tell them that it is a joke to think that God can use them. They look at the Goldilocks and Good Ol’ Boy system and believe that stuff they are told about themselves is really true. They fail to see that it is the devil is using the bias and less than mature understanding of Scripture to keep them from ministry and them from finding the best man for their church.

The devil will also speak fear, failure.doubt and despair into your life. You must not listen.

Rom 11:29 For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. No matter what opposition you may face or failure you are called and you are gifted for the call. Step out in your calling in faith and you will find the anointing and power to fulfill that calling.

"Get the stones to face your giant!" - Robert Kennedy When you are down, look for the stones you need. Then rise up in the name of the Lord and fling that sling and drop that thing that is blocking your blessing. Victory is assured in the Lord. David’s aim may have been that accurate or an angel changed the trajectory and speed. It was his faith and stand for God that killed Goliath before he even picked up the stone.

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