Summary: #3 in a series. "As communities of the King, we should model what the Kingdom looks like when God has His way with a group of people." John Wimber

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READ John 21: 15-17

The last 2 weeks I�ve given you a very quick theological overview:

1. The Kingdom of God & how it acts itself out in Jesus & His followers. Jesus has a very specific message & ministry. Words & Works Proclamation & Demonstration Illumination & Illustration

2. Jesus� Kingdom Ministry is TRANSFERABLE. He gave it to His followers with very specific direction.

Disciples were commanded to continue Jesus ministry until He returns...

John 14: 15 "If you love me, you will obey what I command."

How many of you consider yourself BIBLICALLY oriented?

I won�t do something if I can�t find a theological basis for it in the scripture...are you like that?

BUT...I�ve found in my own life, just because I have theology for something (doctrine of belief) DOESN�T MEAN I�m CURRENTLY ACTING on that belief. Are YOU ACTING on your biblical beliefs?

Believing something in your heart & mind is GREAT.

But truth is lost if you fail to ACT on that belief. RIGHT?

This fact is everywhere in our lives....

Our ACTIONS BETRAY what we say we believe.

Lots of people believe that Driving over the speed limit is dangerous, but fewer people make life changes to drive at the speed limit.

Lots of people say I LOVE YOU to your spouse, but our actions betray or go contrary to that love. Right?

Lots of people in America believe in Heaven & Hell & God�but fewer people actually are acting on that belief.


This is why I read this scripture this morning. Jesus said it�s ONE THING TO SAY YOU LOVE�s another thing to ACT ON MY COMMANDS as a demonstration of that LOVE.

Jesus has given US His MINISTRY. a transferable ministry of WORDS & WORKS. A Kingdom PROCLAMATION A Kingdom DEMONSTRATION

For 20 years, I�ve been trying to not only believe that, but to ACT on it!

That�s where the real rub comes.

Many of us in this room today say...YES, I believe in Jesus� transferable ministry. But NO...I don�t have practical ways of acting on it.

It�s HARD to pray like Jesus & the early disciples.

Hands on. Praying out loud. Speaking with power & authority to sickness, or darkness, telling it to leave.

I have so FEW models that can work well for me.

I grew up in a church setting where praying for healing was never talked about. On my boldest days: closing my eyes in the privacy of my bedroom & saying, please Lord, guide the surgeons hands as they operate on my mom. They�d found cancer on her lung.

TV models just don�t work for me either.

so many faith healers...I just can�t use that model.


Thank God in 1984, Sandy & I meet John Wimber & the Vineyard!

For the first time in my life I finally was given a NATURALLY SUPERNATURAL model and theology for entering into Jesus� Kingdom Ministry that I could live with and work with.

Let me give you an example...

My first time I prayed hands-on for someone for healing.

Small group. Evanston. People we loved & cared for.

Cheryl Hanawalt: prayer for her teeth.

Facing major surgery: nerves under teeth were decaying.

Low key, relaxed prayer/supernaturall results!

Why did I tell you that story?

Like Gary Best, in Naturally Supernatural...I don�t do this well. But I know I must be obedient to Jesus� command! If I love HIM I must follow His commands.

OUR GOAL HERE is TO TEACH YOU TO BE NATURALLY SUPERNATURAL. OUR GOAL is to be obedient to Jesus� command to continue HIS MINISTRY.

1. We talk about the Kingdom ministry of Jesus on Sunday.

2. You go to a LIFE-GROUP during the week & learn to pray out loud, learn to love the folks there, learn to pray hands on with friends. Learn to invite God�s Kingdom to break-in & heal & restore & save & deliver.


We learn how to pray, expecting God�s Kingdom to break-in God does His part and shows up in power to do HIS will.

People all around you NEED THE HANDS-ON PRAYER

YOU & I NEED THE PRACTICE in being obedient to Jesus� commands!

Get it? PRAYER

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