3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Life is complex but Jesus narrows all of our Christianity down to one needful thing. True worship is like oil in the lantern -you can burn without out it but you cannot sustain the fire.

Needful Things

Luke 10:38-42

Text: Verse 42

This chapter, like every other chapter in the life of the Lord Jesus, is overflowing with activity. Everywhere He went there where multitudes of people calling for His attention. His ministry was teeming with activity. He had to stay up into the wee small hours of the morning so that He could spend some time alone with God the Father. This was His normal day. Here in chapter 10, it is no different.

In the passage before us, Jesus has entered into a small village and into the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. A meal is being prepared for Jesus and His disciples. The house is busy with all the activities associated with preparing a large meal. In these verses two sisters are highlighted and even contrasted. No doubt we are familiar with this passage and perhaps we have heard numerous messages on them. But there is a tremendous lesson here for us to learn. In fact, I would go so far to say that the lessons presented here has the potential to revolutionize our churches, our life and approach to Christianity as a whole.

Everyone of us here needs to learn the art of time management. It is doesn’t matter what station in life you may have. We all have something or someone calling for our attention. We all live busy lives and trying to manage it all can become overwhelming.

*Illustration of the commercial with the lady walking and juggling her responsibilities of life: kids, husband, work, home and recreation.

This is life. We are all busy trying to keep everything in the air, everything moving and everything in control. So it was Martha. She was busy. She was juggling all the activities of the day, setting the table, preparing the food, attending to the guests –she is overwhelmed with all that is happening. Perhaps there are many of us here who can identify with this.

Today as we look at this passage, I want you to notice, the lessons that we learn. As we think about Needful Things, I want you to take note of Consideration that must be made.

1. Consideration: There is multiple Choice

In our Christian life we have many options of where we can invest our time, talent and resources. In and of themselves, they are not bad things, especially when you look at this chapter as a whole. I want you walk through this chapter with me and make special note of the multiple possibilities of where we can invest our time and energy. This is a multiple that every child of God must choose from.

Consider the first option of:

Commissioned Ambassadors verses 1-24. (read verses 1,2). The first 24 verses of this chapter are dedicated to the topic of being commissioned ambassadors. This is a wonderful task to be involved in. What a tremendous privilege is ours –we are able to partner with God in the work of reaching a lost and dying world. To us has been committed the ministry of reconciliation. What a wonderful work to invest our time and energies into! It calls for our attention.

Compassionate Servant verses 29-37. In response to the questions of a lawyer the Lord Jesus gives us the beautiful parable of a Good Samaritan. Friend, this too is a glorious work to be involved in. Not only should we give ourselves to reaching the lost, we ought to be people who are quick to show the love of Christ to hurting people in our communities –to care for them and minister to them in Christ’s stead. Ladies and gentlemen, that takes time. That requires much energy. But it is a worthy work to be invested in.

Consistent Workers verses38-40, we are reminded of the need for men and women who will get involved and serve. Every church needs more workers. Every church is in need of those who seek out a place to serve so that the work of the church can move forward, grow and reach farther into the local community. Every church needs workers, and it is a great activity to take part in. It is a wonderful thing to give ourselves to -to be a faithful consistent worker.

Contented Worshippers verse 39, we also see another option. This is a contented worshipper: at the feet of Jesus, listening to all that He had to say, musing upon His holiness. That is the contented worshipper and my how we need them too.

In this chapter alone, there are 4 needful things presented -Each of them worthy of our attention; each of them noble in their activity. All of these take time. All of these cry out for all of our attention. Like I said, each of them are worthy of our attention. We need commissioned ambassadors. We need compassionate servants. We need consistent workers. We need contented worshippers. We need those who will sit at Jesus’ feet and pray for the work of the ministry. All of these are needed.

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